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You can find these all over the city, identifiable by their blinking, neon-green signs. It’s always better to stop into a pharmacy before going to the doctor or emergency room. Unlike their American or British counterparts, French pharmacists are able to bandage minor wounds and prescribe medicine for common ailments.

On the down side, everything in French pharmacies is kept behind the counter, including headache pills, throat lozenges, and condoms. And since brand names of most medicines are different, you’ll just have to describe what ails you and hope the pharmacist gives you the right product. A good phrase book can come in really handy here!

But if you absolutely must have help in English:

    Anglo-American Pharmacy
    37 Avenue Marceau, 16th
    M° Alma-Marceau
    Tel 01 47 20 57 37.

    Pharmacie Swann
    6 Rue de Castiglione, 1st
    M° Concorde
    Tel 01 42 60 72 96.

    British & American Pharmacy
    1 Rue Auber, 9th
    M° Opéra or RER Auber
    Tel 01 42 65 88 29
    Open daily 8am-8pm.

Pharmacies open 24/7:

Pharmacie Dehry
84 Avenue des Champs Elysées, 8th
M° Georges V
Tel 01 45 62 02 41.

Grande Pharmacie Daumesnil
6, Place Félix Eboué, 12th (south side of the square when you exit the Métro)
M° Daumesnil
Tel 01 43 43 19 03

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