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Want the real insider secrets and news that usually only the locals know about? The newsletter includes exclusive insider tips, reviews, and events not found on the Secrets of Paris website. Join over 25,000 subscribers and sign up for the free Secrets of Paris Newsletter. We never send it more than twice per month, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

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We know you have many other Paris newsletters to choose from and only so many hours in the day to read yet another email, so we make sure every single newsletter is worth your time. No sponsors, no ads, no sales pitches. Just the most useful tips, latest news, and recommended events for visitors and residents.

Messages from Secrets of Paris Subscribers

“We wish everyone wrote and spoke with such clarity and flow, all the while still communicating volumes of important information with warmth, yet never boring the reader to death.  No small feat in your chosen field. We both thoroughly enjoy your work.” – Dave & Kathy

“I just read my monthly newsletter and must admit I LOVE all the topics covered, as I usually do.” – Jen

“Thank you for all that your contribute in the very largest sense of thank you and the very widest sense of what you contribute. I suspect that you’ve made an enduring difference for many, many people who have thought at one time or another, ‘Maybe I’d like to live in France…’. ” – Ray

“I’ve been reading your stories for years. They‘ve kept me feeling connected and inspired in between my own trips to Paris.” -HK

“You continue to give me great ideas and keep me feeling connected to a city I love. With every newsletter I discover a new place I want to visit the next time I’m in Paris.” – Donna

“I have passed on your newsletter to everyone as soon as they book my apartment.  I tell them to search through the archives and read as many as they can and they will have a better insight into the real life of Paris than from any guide book.” – Dierdre

“I have loved your newsletter for a long time. I took my daughter, her partner , and my grandchildren to Paris for Christmas. One of the fun things we experienced was the Musée de Arts Fourains; I believe you recommended it and it is only open once a year. It was one of the highlights of the trip for all of us, and totally unexpected! Thank you!” – Nancy

Thank you for your newsletter. I like how personal you make them, it’s as if I had a friend in Paris sharing the local news and observations.” – Julia

“I have admired your writing since I first discovered it in 2005, while planning a trip to France. You bring so much good will to your writing. That’s one reason why it shines so brightly. I worked as an editor and writing coach for many years, and I always told aspiring writers to imagine they were explaining their ideas to someone they cared deeply about, and to keep it straightforward. Reading your articles is like getting a letter from a good friend. A really smart one.” – Desirae

“Heather, thank you for Secrets of Paris.  I enjoy it, especially photos of unique & out-of-the-way parts of the city.” – Tom

“I have been an avid reader for many years now because I adore Paris and am so grateful to have found your “Secrets of Paris” newsletter. I love reading them monthly and have found wonderful information for my many visits to Paris—my favorite city.” – Agi

“What an excellent publication this is!  – I have been subscribing  for quite sometime and love the articles. We spent six years in Paris from late 80’s and reading your Newsletter doesn’t make me feel so homesick for the most beautiful city in the world!” – Jane Lee