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Practical Paris Resources

Parisians know the best way to enjoy the City of Light without letting the crowds, the high cost of living, and the bureaucracy get you down is to constantly be on the lookout for the shortcuts, freebies and insider tips that make everything easier, from banking and communications to finding the best metro pass or renting a flat. The French call this the "Le Système D" for débrouiller, or as it might be called in the United States: "hustle". There are five main topics, each with detailed practical information. Start there for the basics, then browse the latest articles by category.

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  • GETTING AROUND: Maps, Airports, Public Transport, Paris by Bike, Taxis & Rideshare, Driving & Car Rental
  • HEALTH & SAFETY: Emergencies, Doctors & Hospitals, Pharmacies, Restrooms, Smoking & Drinking, Safety & Security
  • MONEY MATTERS: Currency, Tipping, Credit Cards, Banks, VAT Refunds
  • LIVING IN PARIS: Finding an Apartment, Naturalization, Studying in France, and Start-Ups in Paris
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Wifi, Internet Cafés & Computer Repair, Telephone, Mail & Shipping, With Parisians