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Nono Salon de Vins

43, Rue de Tourtille, 20th
M° Belleville
Tel 01 43 49 37 79

Open Mon-Fri 5:30pm-midnight, Sat 11am-3pm.

Bruno, aka Nono, is the friendly proprietor of this trendy little wine bar and épicerie just two blocks up from Belleville metro station. The decor is retro-industrial, with black shelves on the right wall making up the “shop” of foods like cans of gourmet sardines next to a fine selection of wines, mostly vins de pays from independent growers that you wouldn’t find exported or sold in French supermarchés. There are a handful of long wooden tables and benches for eating sur place (wines sold by the glass, or pick a bottle from the store and add a humble €3 corkage fee). In the back is a small bar and the wall hung with Corsican sausages. The munchies available are salads, open-faced sandwiches, and meat and cheese platters, all beautifully prepared with top ingredients. Downstairs is a newly-created room for small groups. Excellent service, reasonably-priced wine and food…the only complaint I have is how smoky it got. I was there Monday night and it was packed full with what seemed to be smokers getting in their last public puffs…looking forward to the smoking ban coming into effect next week!


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  • The smoking ban has been very successful; Parisians are actually well-behaved when they have no choice. 😉

  • Heather, that sounds lovely (in a neighbourhood I know well). Wonder whether the smoking ban will actually be observed? Though it is, here in Montréal where we were always known as smokers and scofflaws, and also in many other smoking-section countries.