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Scenes from the Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville

Yesterday I went up to Belleville to check out the first day of the annual Portes Ouvertes. It’s not really polite to take photos of the artworks, but the neighborhood is surprisingly photogenic. You have until Monday to go visit some of the most interesting artist studios in Paris (over 250), and maybe even pick up an art work of your own…

Belleville Portes Ouvertes
A particularly graffiti’d street…

The AAB Galerie
Miniatures for sale.

Miniatures for sale (just €35) in the principal welcome point for the show, Le DaDa de Bellville (1 rue de Françis Picabia, 20th).

Courtyatd in Belleville
Sculpture studios in a courtyard…

Parc de Belleville
One of the entrances to the Parc de Belleville…
View from Parc de Belleville
From the top of the Parc de Belleville

I love the dog photo, but what’s most fun is how you can see the Eiffel and Montparnasse Towers in the background…

View over park
View from the Parc de Belleville

The steeple of the Eglise Notre Dame de la Croix dwarfed by 1960s towers.

secret staircase
A private residence, très gothique…
street art mural
The famous graffiti artist known as Nemo.
Open Ateliers Belleville
One of the many passages…
Rue des Cascades Belleville
Rue des Cascades

Update May 2023: Learn more about the many Portes Ouvertes events in Paris in Heather’s article Portes Ouvertes : Visiting Artist Studios in Paris


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  • Love reading your blog. Have added it to my blogroll – hope you don't mind. Look forward to seeing you at 'I Know A Little Place: Paris'.

  • I wouldn't say I'm your big fan, but I have following you since 2 years ago. For me the point is to know a different city, different from other guide books. I love your photos, they are lovely~~~~~