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Paris Food & Drink

Mexico in Paris

Not only are there excellent Mexican restaurants and authentic taquerias, there’s also a vibrant community celebrating Mexican culture and specialized shops to bring Mexico into your home.

Featured Events

New Year’s Eve in Paris

Still looking for ideas for New Year's Eve in Paris? The city is full of bars, clubs, brasseries, restaurants, pubs, concerts, parties…Phew. It can be overwhelming at the best of times, never mind on...

Christmas in Paris

Whether you’re visiting or living in Paris, there’s plenty to see and do during the holidays to enjoy the festive season from mid-November through early January.

Featured Events

What to do in Paris on Bastille Day

There’s much to see and do on and around La Fête Nationale, aka Bastille Day, July 14th. This is a rundown of just some of the best options, including the dance parties, parade, and fireworks...

Featured Events

Armistice Centenary: November 11, 2018

The Great War, now known as World War I, officially ended after four long years with the signing of the Armistice on November 11th, 1918. Commemorated each year as a national holiday in France, for...