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A Parisian Yarn Shop & Tea Room

Oisive The Tearoom

I don’t knit, or crochet, but I have a lot of friends who do (which means I have a lot of awesome hand-made accessories). So I thought I’d pick up some “Made in France” yarn for friends back in the US. There are a number of great places in Paris to find it.

UPDATE: This shop closed in 2021.

Luckily I don’t need to go far, since one of my favorite tearooms in Paris is also a haven for knitters (and all you “fiber arts” people). L’OisiveThé sits atop the Butte aux Cailles hilltop (10 rue de la Butte aux Cailles, 13th), its colorful façade easy to spot. They serve coffees, teas, hot chocolate, all kinds of pastries and cakes, and vegetarian lunch and brunch.

From the L’OisiveThé Facebook Page

The cozy tearoom’s walls were overflowing with yarns, so they recently opened a boutique down the street called La Bienaimée (89 avenue d’Italie, 13th) just for yarn and fiber arts accessories. They import hand-dyed and exceptional yarns from the US and the UK, and also sell French-made yarns and their own hand-dyed yarns which have amazing colors. They speak perfect English, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions. 

La Bien Aimée
From La Bien Aimée

Other Yarn and Sewing Shops

The other shop I regularly visit with tour clients who sew, knit or crochet is La Mercerie Parisienne (8 rue des France Bourgeoise, 3rd), in the back of a courtyard in the Marais. They have yarn, buttons, ribbons, patterns, fabrics, and felt. Another popular place for sewing and knitting items is La Droguerie, at Les Halles on 9 rue du Jour, 1st.  

Get the insider’s scoop on the Parisian fiber art scene and a list of yarn shops in the article “Stitching Up Paris: Meet the Local Kniterati


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  • Another vote for L’il Weasel – it’s delightful. Great selection of ribbons and wonderful oilcloth – not your granny’s ripe fruit patterns!

  • Hello! We just discovered your article on the yarn shops in Paris, thanks a lot! We are happy to see that you liked our shop, next time you come to Paris, please advice us! 🙂 You can also follow our Instagram for more informations and inspiration… https://www.instagram.com/lamercerieparisienne/?hl=fr Have a nice day, and see you soon in La mercerie Parisienne!The customer service

  • Wow How wonderful!I used to live in Paris but I moved to Provence.Id love to visit this place when I go back to visit, thanx!We have here a Fabric/Yarn etc shop which has "get togethers" on Wednesday afternoons to knit together and learn Knitting.At Le Sentier Provencale/ St.Maximin.These days anything that brings us back to a bit of sense of community is blessed and so encouraging :)BlessingsMia

  • I had a great experience at La Droguerie–beautiful house-brand yarns (especially the alpaca in gorgeous colours) and patterns, along with fabrics and ribbons. But it gets busy, and there is a protocol, which isn't obvious at first—I asked another customer how it worked. Once you decide what you want, you wait on the bench at the front of the shop for someone to serve you. When it is your turn, a clerk will give you her undivided attention— answer your questions, measure off your yarn (it comes on huge cones and is dispensed on a special weighing/winding apparatus at the back of the shop), cut your fabric—then you pay at the cashier's desk, and collect your purchases. Service is efficient and professional, but because the yarn is priced by weight and prepared to order, you need to know what to ask for.

  • Thank you for this information since I am a knitter and will visit those shops on my next visit (this May, 2016). But I have to say I visited La Droguerie many years ago. It is the only negative experience I have ever had in Paris in all the many years that I have visited. The sales people were rude and unhelpful. Several other people that I know had a similar experience there.

  • My favorite is L'il Weasel in the Passage au Grand Cerf–charming place, nice people, and there is a fabric store right across the way which is part of the shop.