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Method Graphic: Paris’ Reverse Graffiti Artist

Seen in the Louvre-Rivoli metro station this month, a reverse-graffiti rendition of La Jaconde (aka The Mona Lisa) by Parisian street artist Joseph Mendy, aka  Method Graphic

You can see many of his historic figures rendered throughout Paris, such as President Obama, John Lennon and Angela Davis in the elevator of Abbesses metro station. He uses a special product and stencils he handcuts himself to remove dirt from walls, leaving behind his creations. He also does some pixelart (similar to Space Invader but with stickers on tiles) and, in one video, it looks like huge marshmallows in a chainlink fence to spell out “Nuit Blanche”. Here is a surprisingly well-done video (well, skip the first 15 seconds if you don’t understand French, nothing to see here). More videos are on his site.

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  • Great post, I was temping in London last year and this reminds me of a graffiti artist we used for a commission, we needed to hire a graffiti artist for a short add video and hired the graffiti artist called “Buzzby” from http://www.graffiti-artist-agency.co.uk/ called Urban AllStars. Great bunch of graffiti artists, WOW this sounds like a add lol, opps. Ok finish of, go and hire the graffiti guys their good. Sarah xxx