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Open House at 13th-Century College

After years of extensive restoration works, the 13th-century College des Bernadins, one of the illustrious learning institutions of the Latin Quarter, will be open to the public for the first time to the general public September 5-7 (Portes Ouvertes, 11am-6pm).

Modeled after the Cistercian abbeys of the period, the college was a center of theological and philosophical study up until the French Revolution, when it was transformed into a prison owned by the State. From 1845 until renovations began it housed a fire station and a police academy.

Today it is once again part of the Paris Diocese, and will continue in its tradition of theological education. But for the general public, the 5000m² medieval building (the largest in Paris) will be accessible for music concerts, art expositions, and cinema screenings. After the initial Open House Days, the Pope will be giving a talk there during his visit to Paris on September 12, and then the building will be reopened to the public beginning September 15.

 Don’t miss a chance to see this beautiful and unique Parisian monument!

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  • We live around the corner and visited the site for the first time over 6 moths after it reopened. We should have gone sooner. From both a historical and artistic perspective it is a must see in Paris.