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Parks & Gardens Open at Night in Paris

Parc Montsouris at night

There are 140 Parisian parks, gardens and squares open 24-hours, with an additional 14 open in July and August from 7am until midnight, and six more open when the temperatures spike into “canicule” heatwave levels. Here are the places you can go to cool off without resorting to air-conditioning.  

Green Spaces Open 24/7 All Year

While there are technically 140 Parisian “green spaces” that are open 24/7 year-round, many of these are actually little squares with a few planters, maybe a park bench, and hopefully even a few trees. So not all of them have grass, let alone lawns where you can spread out your blanket under the trees to enjoy the cooler temperatures. They’re usually open 24/7 because they simply don’t have any enclosures to “close” them at nightfall, or they’re actually just an area where the sidewalk is suddenly much wider, like at street intersections.

Having said that, a few on this list are adorable little gardens almost hidden from view, so it’s worth having a look in your favorite arrondissement to see if there’s one you missed: https://www.paris.fr/lieux/parcs-jardins-et-bois/tous-les-horaires

Park & Gardens Open Until Midnight in Summer

park bench at night
Parc Montsouris, 13th

From July 1st until the first Sunday in September, these 14 parks, gardens and square are open 7am-midnight (with additional park security services). This corresponds to the time of summer when many Parisians leave town for vacation, so it’s a bit of a gift (like Paris Plage) for those who stay in the hot, sticky city all summer.

  • Square Louis XIII – Place des Vosges (4th) (exceptional closing at 11:15 p.m.)
  • Esplanade Gaston Monnerville – Directly South of Jardin du Luxembourg (6th)
  • Square Boucicaut – In front of Le Bon Marché (7th)
  • Jardin Villemin – Along Canal St Martin (10th)
  • Square Emile Cohl – Porte de Vincennes (12th)
  • Square Georges Méliès – Porte de Vincennes (12th)
  • Jardin de Reuilly – Paul Pernin – At the end of the Promenade Plantée/Coulée Verte (12th)
  • Jardin Federica Montseny – Jardin de la Place Louis Armstrong – Off Blvd de l’Hôpital (13th)
  • Parc Montsouris – One of the Largest Parks on the Left Bank (14th)
  • Square Ferdinand Bruno – Off Avenue de Maine South of the Cemetery (14th)
  • Sainte-Périne Park – Vast park hidden between Hôpital Sainte-Périne and the Seine across from André Citroën Park (16th)
  • Square Louise Michel – in front of Sacré Coeur Basilica (18th)
  • Buttes-Chaumont Park – One of the largest parks on the Right Bank (19th)
  • Square Sergeant Aurélie Salel – Just north of Père Lachaise Cemetery (20th)
PArc Montsouris at night
Parc Montsouris, 13th

Additional Parks and Gardens Open During Heatwaves

In the event of a canicule (heatwave) or high temperatures over several days, six additional parks and gardens are open until midnight. This will usually be announced on the City Hall (Mairie de Paris) website: https://www.paris.fr/

  • Parc Monceau – Large park on the northern end of the arrondissement (8th)
  • Square Marcel Pagnol – across from the Église Saint-Augustin (8th)
  • Square Montholon – along Rue La Fayette, one of the only in the district (9th)
  • Georges Brassens Park – Large park along the southern edge of the city (15th)
  • Parc André Citroën – Large park facing the Seine (15th)
  • Parc Clichy Batignolles – Martin Luther King – one of the largest parks on the northwest edge of the city (17th)

Safety Precautions

These parks are meant to be open during daylight hours and therefore have limited lighting, especially in the larger parks — Montsouris, Monceau, Clichy-Batignolles, Brassens, and Buttes Chaumont — that are also places where birds and other wildlife need darkness). So bring a flashlight if you don’t want to rely on your phone, stick to the paths, and wear sturdy shoes in case you trip on a rock.

PArk at night
This photo was taken with my “night” setting, it was actually too dark for me to see the people on the far right.

It also shouldn’t be forgotten that crime happens in Paris like any big city with a lot of people. And in dark places with a lot of hiding places, you’ll want to remain vigilant. There are usually lots of families and groups of friends or people walking their dogs at night in the parks, so you might get a false sense of security. I don’t recommend walking alone in parks at night unless you stick to the most well-lit areas (the sign here for Parc Montsouris even shows which areas to avoid after dark, in orange).

Night Opening Sign

Not all gates are open after dark, either, so be sure to look closely at the “Ouverture Nocturne” sign on the fence to see which entrances — and therefore exits — you can use, and plan your stroll accordingly.

park gate
In Parc Montsouris, only the smaller gates are open at night, like this one.

Note: Although picnicking is fine, don’t forget that glass containers of any kind are not allowed, and alcohol is usually not allowed, either. For more info read “Are you sure you know the drinking laws in France?”

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