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The Latest Covid Updates for France: Testing, Vaccines, and Traveler Requirements

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As of June 30th, 2023, the French Government has put the Tous Anti Covid app on “pause” and — although people are still catching and dying from Covid — it’s not currently considered a serious public health risk. There are no travel restrictions, passes, or vaccinations required for travelers into France. This page is just for informational purposes and has not been updated since 2022.

Current Restrictions

  • As of February 12th, 2022, fully vaccinated travelers from any country in the world can enter France without needing a negative Covid test before departure (however, everyone needs to be boosted).
  • Non-vaccinated travelers coming from a “green country” (including EU, UK, United States, Canada) can enter France with a negative result of a PCR test less than 72 hours or an antigen test less than 48 hours before departure (departure of the first flight in the event of a connection).
  • As of March 14th, the Pass Vaccinal is only required for visitors to hospitals and nursing homes (not for patients).
  • As rates of Covid are currently still high in France as of June 27, 2022, and the French government has recommended people start wearing masks in public transport again, I highly recommend travel insurance with Covid coverage that covers the cost of the seven-day required self-isolation in case you test positive (additional hotel costs, flight changes, delivered food), in addition to the regular travel insurance that would cover hospitalization.

Travel to France

All fully vaccinated travelers can enter France without restrictions, no matter which country they are traveling from. Only Pfizer (Comirnaty), Moderna, AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Johnson & Johnson (Janssen), or AstraZeneca (Covishield) vaccines are accepted. To be considered “fully vaccinated”, anyone age 18 or over wishing to enter France must have received either two shots plus the booster, or one Janssen plus the booster (children under 18 do not need the booster shot). Ignore the “number of months between shots” going around (that’s more applicable for people who are already in the EU). There’s no plan to require a fourth shot (2nd booster) in France, so as long as you’ve received the initial vaccine plus the booster (at least 7 days) before you arrive, you should be okay, even if many months have passed since then (which is the case for many seniors over 65 who started getting boosters in the summer of 2021).

IMPORTANT: having recovered from Covid is NOT considered a substitution for a vaccine shot or booster outside of the EU (because there is no consistent way to track Covid recovery status in most countries like there is in the EU). So if you have two vaccine shots then Covid, you still need a Booster shot to be considered “fully vaccinated” .

Note from the US Embassy in France website: “French authorities accept the CDC card as evidence of vaccination for entry into France.”

As of February 12th 2022, a Covid test is NOT required to enter the country for vaccinated travelers anymore, no matter where you’re traveling from.

For those who are NOT vaccinated, the French government has specific rules, dividing travelers into two groups based on where you’re traveling from (or have been living in the past several months), regardless of nationality unless you’re French:

  • If you’re traveling from a “green” country — including the United States, the UK, all EU countries (European Union plus Andorra, the Holy See, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland), and Albania, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Aruba, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Benin, Bolivia, Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burma, Burundi, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada , Cape Verde, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Ivory Coast, South Korea, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curaçao, Djibouti, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Fiji, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Grenada, Greenland, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Faroe Islands, Mauritius, Solomon Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya , Kiribati, Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Lesotho, Lebanon, Liberia, North Macedonia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malawi, Maldives, Morocco, Mauritania, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, New Zealand, Oman, Uganda, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Rwanda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint- Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, El Salvador, Samoa, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sudan, South Africa, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, East Timor, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe — each traveler over age 12 needs a negative result of a PCR test less than 72 hours or an antigen test less than 48 hours before departure (departure of the first flight in the event of a connection).
  • The rest of the countries not listed above are “orange”, including Australia, Travelers from these countries who are not vaccinated can only travel to France if you have a reason (ie work, family emergency, etc) from the official list here. Anyone over age 12 must have a negative PCR test taken less than 72 hours before departure or a negative antigenic test taken less than 48 hours before departure. You may be subject to a screening on arrival, and will have to self-isolate if you test positive.
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Health Pass (or “Pass Sanitaire”) becomes the Pass Vaccinal

UPDATE: The Pass Vaccinal was suspended on March 14th.

In France, the Health Pass (Pass Sanitaire) was required to access places where there are typically large crowds, such as stadiums, festivals, fairs, exhibitions, and airports for anyone 11 years old and up. It was required at all cultural centers and events with more than 50 people, as well as bars, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, trains, planes and tour buses (long distances). From January 24th, 2022 until its suspension on March 14th, anyone over the age of 16 also needed the Pass Vaccinal, which was only valid with an up-to-date vaccine, not a negative Covid test.

If You’re in France or the EU


If you’re in France or the EU, you will need to be fully vaccinated to obtain the Pass Vaccinal. That means two shots (or one Janssen) plus the booster shot starting at three months after your last shot (or documented recovery from Covid). If you already have a Pass Vaccinal, it will no longer be valid once four months have passed until you get the booster (or one month with the Janssen vaccine). If you’ve gone past the four months, you only need the booster to get the Pass Vaccinal back again, you do NOT need to start over and get all three shots.

Still confused? The French healthcare service Améli has created this calculator to tell you when you’re eligible for another shot, and what date your Pass Vaccinal will expire: https://monrappelvaccincovid.ameli.fr/

It’s in French, but here’s what you need to know to fill it out:

– the first screen asks your birthdate, in the day/month/year format
– then it’s asking if you’ve tested positive for Covid since your last vaccine shot (“oui/non” is yes/no)
– the next window asks the name of the last vaccine you received
– and the next question asks the date of the last vaccine shot (also in day/month/year format)

The final screen then shows you two dates: the first one in black is the date when you are eligible for a booster, and the date in the brown box is the date that your Pass Vaccinal will no longer be valid without it (you usually have a window of one month to get the booster).

Getting the Pass

Although the Pass Vaccinal is no longer required (for now) in France since March 14th, it’s still possible to get one digitally through the TousAntiCovid app with a scannable QR code that serves as proof that you have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (the printout you receive when vaccinated). If you get your vaccine in France, it automatically uploads to the app when you scan the QR code, so no need to do anything but present it when asked. You can also use a printout with QR code if you don’t have a smartphone. EU residents should be able to scan their QR code into the TousAntiCovid to use when in France.

Can This Pass Be Used Anywhere in the EU?

Several European Union countries have started using an EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC), previously called the Digital Green Certificate. This is now required in all 27 member states. It consists of information about an individual’s vaccination, test and/or recovery status in regards to COVID-19. Formulated as a QR code, the person traveling can choose to carry either a digital or paper-based certificate.

Covid Testing Tent at a Pharmacy
Covid Testing Tent at a Pharmacy

Where to Get Covid Tests

Tests for non-French residents/citizens and non-vaccinated French residents are €25 for the rapid-result antigen test and €49 for the PCR test. The antigen tests can be done at any pharmacy in about 15-20 minutes without an appointment (however there may be a line, try another pharmacy if there’s a long wait). PCR tests take up to 24 hours for the results (sent via email/text message), and can be done at some pharmacies as well as clinics all over Paris with an appointment.

The interactive map of some of these centers is on the TousAntiCovid appYou can also find them listed at Sante.fr (dépistage) or by simply using the Doctolib website to find and book online (type “covid” into the search bar). Or just walk into the nearest pharmacy (look for the neon green cross) and you’ll usually see a sign for “Test Covid”.

You can purchase self-tests in pharmacies. If you have a French Carte Vitale you can get two free self-tests at the pharmacy if you’re a “cas contact”.

NOTE: Since October, the Covid test isn’t free for French residents unless you have a doctor’s prescription or are vaccinated but show symptoms.

What Happens if You Test Positive for Covid in France

If you test positive for Covid while in France, you are required to self-isolate for seven days at your own cost. If you took the test on your final day before leaving France, that usually means you’ll need to extend your trip, possibly switching hotels, and that you’ll need to have food delivered if someone you know can’t bring it to you (going to the pharmacy or to see a doctor or emergency room is allowed if you’re masked).

If you are fully vaccinated, you can take another test on the fifth day if you have no symptoms, and if it’s negative you are considered free to travel. If you test positive again. However, you will need to extend the self-isolation for a total of ten days (with the possibility of re-testing on the seventh day). If you are not fully vaccinated, you must self-isolate the full seven days (or ten days if you test positive on the seventh day). You can purchase home tests at the pharmacy to check yourself (these are free if you have French health coverage), but will need an antigen or PCR test at the pharmacy or doctor’s office to be considered clear to travel.

The French State doesn’t cover any of these costs, so it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you purchase travel insurance with Covid coverage that includes not only medical costs (hospitalization, medications, etc) but also any additional lodging and fees to change your travel dates (trains, flights, etc). It’s wise to have a Plan B ready just in case one or more people in your party test positive.

If you’re in the French healthcare system (ie give your carte vitale number when testing), your Covid status may automatically be shared with your designated generalist, and you will receive an email or text message asking you to notify them of anyone you may have infected so they can be notified. You will also receive a letter to get two free Covid home tests that you can pick up at any pharmacy.

If you think you should see a doctor, you can either ask a pharmacist for a list of the nearest generalists (they usually have this information), ask your hotel to call a doctor to come to your room (you can also call to have one come to your apartment 24/7, SOS Médecins, dial 3624 from anywhere in France, or 01 47 07 77 77 in Paris), or go online to Doctolib.fr to make an appointment with a generalist (you can see a map of the closest ones to you).

If you need urgent medical attention and cannot easily get yourself to the nearest emergency room (“urgences”), call 112, the European-wide emergency service number (they speak English).

Where to Get Vaccinated if You’re a Resident

All adults residing in France with a Carte Vitale can be vaccinated free of charge. You can get vaccinated by your generalist, at the temporary vaccination centers (in certain stadiums, town halls, community centers, etc), and at pharmacies. Make an appointment at the Covid Vaccination Center closest to you on the same platforms: www.sante.fr or Doctolib, or on the Vite Ma Dose! app. You can also register to let them contact YOU as soon as an opening is available at CovidListe. Vaccinations are free for anyone in the French healthcare system.

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  • After 3 Covid free years and 5 vacc and boosters I’ve tested positive for Covid. If I try to get Paxlovid will I be formally reported and required to retest at 7 days? My symptoms are mild. I’m wondering if I should just self isolate and lave as scheduled on the 6th day? To have insurance cover a delayed trip I must have proof of Covid from a doc which could trigger a much longer stay. Thanks

  • Hello, my wife got her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine almost 8 months ago. But she has not gotten a booster. She is a Mexican citizen, and we will be passing through CDG on our way to Greece in late September 2022. We would like to get her a booster shot in the CDG airport during our layover? Is this possible there, for a non-French citizen?

  • My husband is unvaccinated due to medical reasons. He will need a pcr test in England before driving to France by car I think this is 72 hours before? Once in France he will need to do another test to enter Spain. Do you know of any chemists that we can book in Perpignan in advance and should it be a pcr or antigen test? thank you for your help.

  • Love this page! Now for my question … my husband & I are unvaccinated & soon traveling. We’ve both had/recovered from Covid, have tested for very high antibody levels & have been doctor-advised to wait before getting any jabs. We’re happy to take a pre-flight antigen test to ensure we’re negative before heading to France, of course. MY Question is: with those negative tests in hand, can we go to a Paris pharmacy to then obtain an EU Covid digital certificate? This is important to us ..

    • The antigen tests are only valid for 24 hours, so you wouldn’t be able to get the EU Covid digital certificate unless you get a new antigen test within Paris (and, again, it’s only valid for 24 hours). You don’t mention which country you’re traveling from, but if it’s the US then normally they wouldn’t accept that you’ve already had Covid recently because you would have needed proof of that issued from an EU country (US doesn’t have the same QR code system that’s compatible), so only vaccines or covid tests are accepted.

      If getting the EU Covid Digital Certificate is important because you want to travel to other EU countries, you will still need to get tested within 24 hours before crossing the border depending on your mode of travel and which country you’re traveling to. You’ll find more detailed info here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/coronavirus-response/safe-covid-19-vaccines-europeans/eu-digital-covid-certificate_en

  • Bonjour et bon voyage to those with impending travel to la belle France. Does anybody know if NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests) are accepted by the French authorities? Merci!

  • I plan to travel to Paris between 10 and 20 July 2022
    Holding Indian passport and valid Schengen visa .
    Traveling from India to Paris for business trip.
    I have completed my 2 covishield vaccine
    Is it necessary to take a booster dose or RTPCR when entering Paris?

  • Our son intends to visit us here in France in early July,, he seems to think that he needs an attestation d’accueil before he leaves the UK is this correct/

  • Despite being vaccinated and boosted, a family member got Covid, has quarantined, no symptoms for many days but tests still pop up positive which can happen. Is there a health care professional in Paris who can provide a declaration of recovery stating that this person is cleared to travel? US, CDC, allows this. Thank you.

    • I have no idea, but I assume any generalists in Paris would be able to answer that question, try booking through Doctolib.fr (or ask your hotel if they have a local doctor they can call in).

  • Hello, my question is: I will be traveling from the USA to London on May 27. Then 3 days later I will be going to France on May 30. Do I need to do the Covid Test still? Im not Vaccinated. Thanks

  • I had read that as of March 14th they lifted the health pass needed to enter attractions and ride trains. My husband, son and I are heading to France tomorrow and we have all had the initial Johnson & Johnson vaccination, but no booster, and I just wanted to double check to see if we are able to ride trains and enter the attractions if we just get a negative Covid test done tomorrow at the airport?

  • We will be travelling to France July 2022 for 3 weeks. Our family of 5 (2 adults plus a 16yr, 13yr, 11yr) have all received 2 doses of the covid vaccine. Is the booster required for all of us? Or just the adults? Or even at all?

  • We are US citizens traveling to Paris on May 30, then taking a train to Barcelona on June 2 to board the Disney Cruise Line on June 4. Spain requires a EU certificate or equivalent. They offer an app SPTH if you are flying from the U.S. to Barcelona. The SPTH gives you a QR code that is checked upon entry. We/U.S. doesn’t have an agreement with the EU so our cards do not have a QR code.

    My question is two fold. Can I go to a Paris Pharmacy and request an EU certificate/pass sanitare. And, will that pass sanitare work when we arrive in Barcelona?

    Thank you so much if you can help

  • Hi Heather, We are coming to France from UK on 28th May 2022. My wife and I have had both 1st and 2nd jabs plus boosters. We have 3 children age 12, 12 and 14. They have had their 1st and 2nd jabs. UK government don’t have plans to give the children a booster as of yet. Will the children being OK to travel or would they need PCS tests prior to going? Many thanks and great work.

    • Hi Eric, according to the French Minister of the Interior website, “Since 1 February 2022, in order for their vaccination schedule to continue to be recognised as complete, persons aged 18 years or older wishing to enter French territory must have received a booster dose of messenger RNA vaccine no later than nine months after receiving the last mandatory dose” So your kids should be fine. (https://www.interieur.gouv.fr/covid-19-international-travel)

  • Hi- As of today- May 8- what are we required to present regarding proof of vaccination from the USA to Paris? In what form should it be?

    • You should check with your airline about the form of proof of vaccination needed. Usually it’s just whatever original documentation you received from your doctor or vaccination provider.

  • Bon jour! My husband and I are traveling to France in a few weeks. We both have the vaccine certificate for both vaccines and booster. My cdc card does not have a QR code and his card was laminated and the qr code faded and almost not legible. We did however get a printed confirmation of the vaccine from the health department stating the type of vaccine lot number and location. Will this be enough to travel to France? We also have the CLEAR health pass. Please advise. Merci!

  • Thank you for the useful information! I just have a question (maybe you can answer). Yesterday I received my first dose of the vaccine. I have a trip planned within one month to Paris. I was wondering if I can enter France having taken the second dose a week before departure? Or, would I be able to enter with just one dose as its been recent? Thanks again! Amazing work on this site.

  • Hello, and thank you for the helpful information. My husband and I will be returning from the US from France on May 9th, flight at 15:45. We will need to leave Beaune, France early that same morning to travel to Paris (Gare de Lyon) and from there to CDG airport. Because the US requires a negative covid test within a day of travel we are encountering difficulties. I have not been able to find a pharmacie in Beaune that is open on Sundays. Do you happen to have any advice/insight as to how we might get the necessary covid testing done? It appears covid testing is done at CDG airport but also seems there is some risk that the results take longer there to process. Should we try and go to a pharmacie between Gare de Lyon and CDG airport, and if so do you have recommendations you can share? Thank you so very much for any guidance you can lend and for your time and assistance! Merci.

    • You could indeed go to a pharmacy in or around Gare de Lyon (there’s always at least one open on Sundays, use Google maps to find it), or just go to the one at the airport, as then at least you’ll be able to wait there for the results.

    • I am going to France as well from the US. We purchased at home tests that are proctored and approved for travel we will use to return to the US since we didn’t want to go to the airport many hours before departure. You open the test in front of your camera and the medical professional instructs you to take the test in front of them. It takes about 15 minutes. I ordered 3 tests for $100 online and shipping was quick. I bought from the optumstore.com. The package says it’s approved for travel to the US and it’s helpful to download the app ahead of time (instructions on the box). Hope that helps.

  • I did see the comment about ignoring the months between 2nd shot and the booster if traveling to France. Is their an official French website that states this? The French ministry website indicates it as a requirement.

  • Traveling to Italy, Greece & France in May. I understand Italy & France require a Passenger Locator form be submitted. Form asks what is your final destination. Traveling from the United States we’re visiting Italy first & France last, do we put Italy or France? Or do we need to fill out a form for each country?

  • We are traveling to Italy and then returning to the US this summer. If we are returning from Italy with a 19 hour layover at CDG in Paris,can we stay overnight at a hotel, and visit Paris and then the next day go to our flight which returns us to the US?

  • My husband & I (U.S. citizens) are traveling to Paris end May from Greece. We are both vaccinated & boosted. Are there are forms we need to fill out to enter France?

  • Your website is very very informative and helpful Thank you.
    My wife and I will be traveling to France from May 3-18. We are vaccinated and (double) boosted. Even though it is no longer required to have a Pass Vaccinal, I thought I would obtain one anyway. I downloaded the TousAntiCovid app to my smartphone, but it would not recognize the QR code on my State of California vaccination certificate. Is the app not available to US persons?
    Also, do you know if it is acceptable to bring Covid test kits with us and self-test the day of departure back to US or do we need to be tested at a Paris pharmacy?

    • To obtain a Pass Vaccinal you need a European QR code; in France you can get the equivalent code using your US vaccination card, it will cost €35/person; most pharmacies will do it.
      Self tests are not considered official Covid tests; you should follow the instructions/guidelines given to you by your airline, as they are the ones who will decide whether you get on the airplane or not. 😉

  • In May I will be in France and will need to take two Flights, the first from Paris to Bordeau, the second from Bordeau to Barcelona. Will I need the Pass Vaccinal for either of these flights?

    • As the article mentions, the Pass Vaccinal has been suspended since March 14th. For information about what your airline requires, you’ll want to consult the airline directly.

  • My son will be traveling to France mid May and has the Janssen vaccine and it has been longer than nine months since the vaccine. Is he considered unvaccinated and PCR or Antigen test required or can he just get the booster more that 7 days before his trip

    • He should get the booster, as it will also protect him from getting a serious case of Covid while in France (and there’s a lot of it going around, so highly recommended). The nine months shouldn’t matter, but just in case, you need to confirm with your airline,as they are the ones who ultimately decide whether he flies or not (or, just to make life easier, get the booster and also get an antigen test before flying). It doesn’t hurt to over all of the bases if you want your vacation to go smoothly!

  • My husband and I going to Paris on next week and will have to be back on April 18th, and US requires covid testing within 24 hours, our flight is April18th 9:45am, and April 17th is a Sunday. I tried many times to schedule a testing, and the website would not take me. Can I get my test in Paris on Sunday April 17th

    • Yes, just go to any pharmacy without an appointment, there are always a few open in Paris on Sunday in each neighborhood; allow about 20-30 minutes for the results.

  • I will need to obtain a rapid antigen test on May 26 for a return flight to the U.S. I understand that this is a national holiday in France. Will I have difficulty finding a pharmacy open on that day that can return same day results?

    • It depends. The vaccine exists in France, but you can’t enter France from the US unless you’re already fully vaccinated and boosted. If you already live in France or are coming from the EU, then you just need to find a vaccination center or doctor that has that particular vaccine and make an appointment. I’m guessing you’ll have to pay something if you’re not in the French healthcare system, but I don’t know what that is.

  • My daughter is 10 when we travel to Paris but has not been vaccinated, Can she provide negative covid test to get into Paris? It doesn’t say much about 12 and under. Seems like they are exempt? My sons 13 and 16 have been vaccinated but not booster are they ok to enter?

  • Hello,

    We are traveling from the US into the UK and then taking EuroStar into Paris. We are both vaccinated and boosted but I just realized my booster was administered more than 9 months after my second dose. The French government site says this “Since 1 February 2022, in order for their vaccination schedule to continue to be recognised as complete, persons aged 18 years or older wishing to enter French territory must have received a booster dose of messenger RNA vaccine no later than nine months after receiving the last mandatory dose”. Does that mean I would not be allowed to enter the country?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Just ignore that “9 months” guideline, it was more for people in the EU who had the Pass Vaccinal (which is now suspended). As long as you have the booster, it doesn’t matter when it was administered.

  • Hello, We are arriving into Paris on 3/20 by plane (we are all vaccinated and boosted) and then taking a train to Bruges, Belgium. I have read the France vaccine pass is not longer required in restaurants but seeing conflicting information about long distance trains. Starting 3/14 will we still need a France vaccine pass to ride a long distance train? Thank you.

  • Hi. I’m planning to visit Paris in April. IT sounds like I do not need to make an appt to get the covid test? is that correct? I tried to set up the doctorlib app however it won’t allow me to use my US phone number.

  • Hi, my family is coming to Paris. My husband and I are vaccinated and boostered. My sons, ages 16 & 12 are vaccinated, but not boostered. However, their vaccines were over 270 days ago. Will they be allowed in the country? And will they be able access to attractions?

    • For entry into France, boosters are only required for those 18 and older. To access attractions: “Starting March 14th, the Pass Vaccinal will be suspended”

  • I am coming to France Mid May 2022 from the US. My pfizer second dose was April 2021 and I have scheduled a booster shot March 2022 which is more than 9 months. Will that be acceptable by the airline and France?

    • Yes, it doesn’t matter when you were boosted (it only mattered for people in France already using the Pass Vaccinal, which will be suspended starting this week).

  • We are going to Paris in April (18th-27th). We both have 2 Pfizer doses. I have 1 booster. She has 2. Do we still need to get the Pass Vaccinal and pay the Euro 36?

  • Hi….my daughter & son planning to come to paris.they took both vaccination but no booster. Please tell me …if they take Rtpcr 72 hours before travelling can they enter all famous resturent & Eiffel tower like that place.

    • They need to have the booster before they can fly to France, let alone to get the Pass Vaccinal (negative Covid tests won’t work). And I believe it has to be at least a week before travel, but you’d better double check with your airline, because they are the ones who will confirm your vaccine status before you board. You will still need to be boosted to enter France, even if the Pass Vaccinal won’t be required after March 14th.

    • This is very helpful thank you. My 14-year old daughter is fully vaccinated and got a booster. Does she still require a negative test and Pass vaccinal because if her age? We will be in Paris after March 14.

  • I have the TousAntiCovid app that I used in France this past fall, but now it needs to be updated with the booster that I have received. How do I go about updating my app?

    • You’ll need a new QR code to update the app, so if you got the booster outside the EU, you’ll have to return to a French pharmacy to show them your proof of booster and get a new QR code to upload to the app.

  • I have had 2 vaccines (1st one pfizer 2nd one moderna) I still have to get a booster shot.
    Are mixed vaccines accepted as fully vaccinated in France? Would like to travel from Canada to France in May 2022. Thanks

  • I had the J & J single shot on 5/19/21 and I am getting the J & J Booster on 3/1/22. Do I still need to get another Booster shot ?

  • These rules are so vague. My wife and I are planning to travel to Paris in mid march, just a few weeks away. We received our vaccinations early and had our boosters 5 months ago. There was a gap of 9 months between the first two shots and our third shot (booster). Would we be allowed to get a health pass as is? If we get boosted now, can we get a health pass? The wording would indicate no, even though we would be be hyperboosted with our fourth shots.

  • Thank you for this clear explanation. The Sante.fr list of pharmacies that provide vaccination passes in Paris seems to be incomplete with only 11 currently listed. Does anyone know of a participating pharmacy near the St Michel-Notre Dame metro? We will be traveling there in mid-April so the regulations may change but would like to be prepared.

  • Thanks for the great article! Traveling during this pandemic has been quite the mess! I have a quick question that I’ve had difficulty finding the answer to online…

    My family is heading into France from Spain on BlaBlaCar bus. They require immunization proof to board. My wife, eldest daughter and I all have boosters shown on US CDC cards, but no European QR codes. We are planning to get the Pass Vaccinal in France. My two younger children (13 and 14) have vaccines without boosters (8 months ago), also shown on CDC cards. I’m assuming that my younger children will need testing before entering France, but do you know if ground transportation is accepting non QR code vaccination proof?


    • There is zero requirement for a QR code. It just makes it easier for the people checking it. You need the original vaccine certificate with your full name, birthdate, type of vaccine and date when it was given. Show that with your photo ID.

  • I am coming to Paris the end of April. I don’t have an international cellphone. When I get tested to return to the US will a pharmacy issue a paper document?

  • Hey there,
    I’m struggling finding clarity on our travel plans. We are vaccinated but not boosted and have a layover in Paris. We will not leave the airport. The pass is not required if we are not leaving the airport correct?

  • Hello Heather, My wife, daughter, son-in-law, and 11-year old grandson are traveling to Paris in June. My wife and I are fully-vaxxed with Moderna and boosted. My son-in-law is fully-vaxxed with Moderna (in August, 2021) but has not been boosted. I understand that he needs to do so before we leave. My question is about my daughter. She has not gotten vaxxed. She is waiting it out to see if restrictions are lessened. If they are not lessened, and she waits to get the J&J vaxxine within a few weeks of departure (which is the one she has decided to get if she has to do so), will she be able to get the Pass Vaccinal, or must she also get a booster before departing and, if she must get boosted, can she get a second J&J jab, or must she get an mRNA booster for it to count so she can get a Pass Vaccinal?

    • Hi Jeff,
      You need to wait one month between Janssen and the booster, from what I understand, plus 7 days after the booster for the Pass Sanitaire to be valid. So I wouldn’t wait until the last minute. At the moment there’s some talk of reducing the number of places that will require the pass vaccinal, it’s not clear when this would happen nor which places would be affected. It would be a shame to come all the way to France and then not be allowed into certain places that still require it. In October 2021, there were so few cases that everyone assumed we wouldn’t need the pass by Christmas. Then Omicron. So…it’s a gamble.

  • Hello, I received my first Janssen in March, 2021 and was boosted with Moderna on October 25, 2021. I am supposed to fly from the US to France on February 18 and depart home to the US on February 26. From what I am seeing, it looks like my vaccine pass will expire on February 24. Will I be able to get into the country as “vaccinated” given my vaccine pass will expire 2 days before my departure date?

    • 1. You don’t need a Pass Vaccinal to enter the country, just to enter restaurants, museums, concerts, etc.
      2. The Booster doesn’t expire. Once you’ve been boosted, you’re fine indefinitely (at least if no new variants arrive and wreak havoc, lol)

  • I got my first janssen in march of 2021 and my second janssen in nov 2021. do i still need to get a booster for a health pass if i’m going to france in march 2022?

    • I haven’t heard that these exist since the first wave and see nothing in the French press (I think you have to isolate in whichever hotel you’re already in). Anyone else know the answer to this?

  • Our father passed away in Narbonne and we are looking at flying into Paris from Canada and then taking a train. We are fully vaccinated. Can we get the vaccine equivalency at one of the pharmacies inCDG airport as we need the catch the long distance train.

    • That should be no problem, yes. However you may have to transfer to Gare de Lyon to get to Narbonne anyway, which would take you into central Paris. Either way, allow some buffer time just in case there’s a line. And my condolences for your father.

  • Hi Heather, I am unvaccinated. I did get COVID Jan. 3 and have my confirmation of testing positive. I would like to come to France in May for about 10 days. Is testing every 48 hrs. what I would be required to do to drive from Paris to Cannes?

    • Hi Laurel, the French don’t accept Covid recovery certificates outside the EU (because they’re not standardized like they are here), so you’ll need to get your two vaccines and the booster before you can come to Paris. You have plenty of time to do that before May. 🙂

  • I am 74 and my husband 83. We were both vaxed Feb/March ’21 with 2 dose Pfizer. September ’21 we were both boosted. Our plan is to spend May/June 2022 in France. We are aware of the Pas Vaccinal but as US citizens are we required to have a second booster prior to our arrival in order to qualify for the Pas? Additional boosters are not being offered where we live in the US Judith

    • Hi Judith, as long as you’ve had your booster you’re fine; France won’t do a second booster unless yet another variant arrives and it’s deemed necessary. You should be fine to come in summer. 🙂

  • Can anyone recommend a pharmacy in Bastille/Marais that issues the Attestation d’Equivalence Vaccinale? The map on the Sante website provides a different set of pharmacies every time I check it.

    • The one at 2 blvd Filles du Calvaire does the Pass Vaccinal, but if you’re in Paris almost every single pharmacy can do it, so check first with the one closest to where you’re staying.

  • Hi there, As a family we will France in february for holiday. On of the family members was vaccinated with the Janssen vaccin and had one Moderna Booster las November (2021). Is that enough to enter France and to enter restaurants, etc?

  • Hi there, I’m planning to visit nice with my daughter. We are both fully vaccinated with boosters – my daughter had hers 3 months ago and I had mine 1 month ago. Will we be able to get the health pass? Also, I read that we could be tested by officials when we arrive at Nice airport, is this true?

    • Hi, Just wondering if there is a time limit on how soon you have to get the booster when traveling to Paris? I am going in March but plan to get it in February, but also had my first 2 doses back in January and February of last year. Is that ok? Also, how old do the kids have to be to be required to have the booster to go there?

    • As long as you’ve got your booster before you come to France you’re good. Kids 12-15 can just get a negative Covid test; kids 16 and older will need to be vaccinated.

    • As long as you’ve had your boosters you’re fine; if you present symptoms you could in theory be tested at the airport, but I haven’t heard of that happening.

  • Hi there, can you please confirm that if you are no vaccinated but have recovered in the past 4 months, you can still use the EU Covid pass sanitaire to enter restaurants, ski etc..

  • Hi, I’m going to France on the 13th of Feb. I received my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine on the 31st of November. Will I be required to have had a booster jab even though it will have been within 3 months?

  • This information is so helpful, thank you! I am curious, I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I would love to plan a visit for the spring, but read that there is a specific time limit window for when the booster has to have been administered (5-7 months after the second dose of Pfizer/Moderna). I was lucky enough to get the first doses very early on as someone who worked for a health care group, which means that it was over 7 months later that I was eligible and received my booster dose (it was close to 9 months between my second Pfizer dose and my booster dose). Will this make me ineligible for the Pass Vaccinal as it stands currently?

  • Hi, I am an American arriving in Paris In February I have 2 Vaccines (Last one, September 16) But I got Covid December 1st 2021, can I get a Health pass if i show my positive Covid Test from December and My Vaccine card?

  • I was in Nice for two weeks in December. I had a pass sanitaire made at the airport pharmacy which worked well. My booster was included on it as I am over 65. I am returning to France later this month to spend a month in Paris. Can I just continue to use the pass sanitaire that I got in Nice?

    • I am an American musician playing in Paris if February…I got the Johnson and Johnson on September 28 in NYC. Can I get a the health pass in Paris by taking a test. I am hoping if I got a test I could get a QR code that would be good for 24 hours. I would rather not get a booster and it would fine to take a test so I could play my gig.


  • Hi Heather, I was in Paris in September 2021, and easily got the health pass at a pharmacy. Upon return to the US, I got my booster. My Tousanticovid app is indicating I need to be boosted to keep it active. Is there any way that I can update this from the US so it will be active for a trip to Paris in April 2022? Or, will I just have to have to bite the bullet and pay the €36 and have converted again when I arrive?

  • Hi, I’m an American living and working in Paris. I received my booster in Slovenia and was told they would not issue me a QR code because I am not a Slovenian citizen. Now that I’m back in Paris, my local pharmacie will not provide me a QR code because Slovenia is an EU country and, to paraphrase, they should have given me a QR code. I’ve reached out to the Slovenian health ministry and they won’t budge. In short, I’m stuck. Any advice?

    • Hi Christopher, you don’t need a QR code if you have any medical document that proves you got a booster with your name, birthdate, date of the booster, and type of vaccine (in English or French, preferably). If I were you, I’d then take that to a few pharmacies to ask for the Pass Sanitaire equivalence (it will cost you €36, I believe) until you find someone willing to do it. If nothing else works, maybe just get another booster in France?

  • Your info on this website is so helpful! Thank you! I am getting my first Covid vaccine in late January and plan to get the second shot in February. I have a trip planned for Paris in early May. I am assuming that the booster shot will not be required for me since I will not have the vaccine long enough to get the booster. Is this a safe assumption?
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Stacey, the booster is required after three months as of January 15th, so you would need it to use the Pass Sanitaire once three months has passed since your last shot in February. Of course, a lot could change between now and then, check back before your trip. 😉

  • Can you tell me please if the booster is required for a 30 year old with two psizer shots traveling from US? I do not have the booster, and my second dose was given in June of last year… I would like to enter France, considering a tourist visa, around February. Do you have any information?

    • Hi Nicholas, as of today you can still enter France, but you cannot get the Pass Sanitaire after January 15th if you don’t have the booster, which means you won’t be able to visit any museums or monuments, nor will you be able to eat in restaurants or cafés, or attend any events with over 50 people. It’s possible that France may make the booster shot required to even enter the country, so you may want to consider getting one before your trip.

  • Can you use a rapid Antigen (as opposed to a regular Antigen) test to enter France 24 hours before our flight? We are all vaccinated and boostered.. please let me know.

  • Hello! I was wondering if you knew if covid19 test results from the pharmacies can be received in English? I have a layover in Russia on my way back to the United States and they require that covid19 test results be in English or Russian. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Hi – We Love Secrets of Paris!! We were in Paris in September and fortunately were able to to get our pass sanitaire online before we went. I have heard that they are going to require boosters and the pass sanitaires will be disabled if you haven’t gotten one. We have gotten our booster but i can’t figure out where the info is to update the pass. Do you have any info on that? Obviously our booster was given in the states. Thanks for any help or advice on where to go to update our pass sanitaire. Linda

    • Hi Linda, You can now go to any participating pharmacy in France (same as where you’d get a new Pass Sanitaire) to have any non-EU vaccines added to your pass. You might be required to pay the fee as if it’s a new Pass Sanitaire.

  • We are supposed to fly into Paris on an overnight flight from Boston on December 21, 2021. There is so much conflicting info out there and I’m nervous to go. My daughters and I are fully vaccinated with our booster as well. We are only there for six days. I’ve heard getting the Pass Saintaire can take over a week to get, therefore making it useless to us. With the high rates of covid right now are they still allowing US citizens to just show their CDC vaccination card to get into sights, restaurants, etc? Also, when we fly back to the US do we need a PCR test or is a rapid test enough? Thank you for any insight you may have.

    • “I’ve heard getting the Pass Saintaire can take over a week to get” This isn’t true anymore, you just go to any of the pharmacies listed in the link in the article (they’re all over Paris), and they do it for you on the spot. They are allowing anyone with up-to-date vaccinations (so your CDC card has to show the booster if your 65 or older starting next week), so it’s about as safe as they can possibly be considering they’re not locking down. As for which kind of test is required to return to the US, your airline should give you those guidelines, as they’re the ones enforcing whether you’re allowed on the flight. Either way, there are Covid tests available in every pharmacy and rapid-result PCR tests available at the airports for same-day travel (results in 2 hours, but I’d make sure you get there earlier just in case).

  • Hi, Love your commentary and pictures. Thanks for all your timely info! We are scheduled to fly into Paris from Boston on December 21st. Curious if there are many tourists in town, and if so where they are from. Stores, cafes, streets, appear rather scantly populated in your photos. Is this due to rainy, drab weather or Covid fears?

    Very shifting (Covid) ground in France/Europe. We will be attending the Opera, and taking the TGV to Lyon. Both will require Passe Sanitaire; trusting we can obtain this quickly upon arrival. (we are both ‘boosted’) Is this a correct assumption and Is it possible to obtain the Passe at a pharmacy at CDG airport? or is it best, and cheaper, to wait until Paris?

    • Paris is actually almost as crowded as “usual”, at least the shops and restaurants and museums are lively. The Pass Sanitaire is the same price (the govt set a max price indicated in the article) no matter where you go, but you might as well wait until you’re in Paris, as airports are no fun to hang out longer than normal. 😉

  • Like many I applied online for the pass sanitaire nearly two months before I left for France in November. I got it finally three days after I returned to the U.S., although it didn’t contain my booster shot, which I had update on their site before it went black. Fortunately, every place took my CDC vaccine card, and I had no problem.

    When I flew in there was no requirement to be tested as long as I was fully vaccinated. But the language was confusing on all the various websites and even the airline (United) couldn’t help. Fortunately no problem going. But coming back was a different story. Same issue with confusing language. But this time the United gate person told me I did indeed need testing prior to boarding the flight. When I asked him where i should go to do this, he told me to go to terminal 2F near the trains (I was in 2A, so it was a 20 minute walk).

    The lines were long, the information only in French and confusing. I scanned the bar code to get into the application. Filled it all out, only to drop my phone and have to start all over. The lines to pay inside were just as bad or worse. Finally got it done, and the woman told me the results would be available in 2 HOURS!

    When I finally got back to United’s check in and told the woman there what had happened, she said, “Why didn’t you just get the test at the pharmacy?” which was just across the aisle from check in. Their test would only take 15 minutes and was half the price! So even the airline people don’t know what they are doing. But she got me on the next available flight through Washington DC and then I had to transfer to a plane to Newark after getting a rechecking my luggage.

    Good luck to all you international travelers. The game changes daily and no one knows what our governments are doing. It’s the end of such travel, at least for now, I am afraid. Especially with all the new rules due to Omicron, or Xi or whatever.

  • We are USA citizens with a valid pass Sanitaire. We’ve gotten our booster. France will soon require the booster to maintain a valid pass. How can we upload the proof of our booster to our digital pass so that it remains valid after December 15?

    • You’ll probably need to go to a pharmacy in Paris that knows how to convert the non-EU vaccinations for the Pass Sanitaire. The link to all of those pharmacies is in the article.

  • I was in FR/IT from 08/27/21 to 10/05/21 – below is where we went, also annecy, antibes, etc. I received my pass a week after I applied in mid august, my partner got hers 2 weeks into the trip after pleading via email a few times. the short of it is one does not need the pass, you can get into anywhere you want w a cdc card. the phone app is a convenience and a nice one at that. nobody asked for ID to validate my partners cdc card. weather was great, france and italy felt like nothing happened, tons of smiles and energy so if you are on you way there is a lot to look forward to. be safe

    La Morra
    Santa Margherita Ligure 
    St Tropez

  • Thank you for this timely update. We arrive in Paris in early December with our first night in Strasbourg. We were going to take the TGV. I’m afraid we won’t have enough time to get our pass at a pharmacy showing our CDC cards in Paris before making our train. We would then get our pass done at a pharmacy in Strasbourg. If TGV were to not allow us to board, we would be out of luck.
    Hopefully there will be more clarity on connections after arriving in France very soon.

  • 4 November 2021 – The US Embassy (in France)’s website now indicates the following: “As of October 31, the French government has changed the method in which U.S. citizens and other people vaccinated outside the European Union may obtain a French Health Pass. Under the new system, the health pass will be obtained from designated pharmacies for a fee of up to 36 Euros. The list of designated pharmacies is available on this website: https://www.sante.fr/obtenir-un-passe-sanitaire-en-cas-de-vaccination-letranger.

    Travelers will need to have their passport and their original paper version of their vaccination record. The vaccination record will need to show the traveler’s name, DOB, vaccination date(s), the number of doses and the country where the vaccination occurred.”

    Has anyone currently traveling used any of the pharmacies in the list provided in the above link?

    Regards to all.

    • Since that list only was just published in the past few days, no way to verify, but since that’s an official French government website, it seems like any of the addresses listed throughout the country would work.

    • Heather thank you. The way I read this is I can visit Norway with the Pass Santaire. Americans currently are not allowed in. That is great news.

    • With COVID cars back on the rise. Heard Macron will be speaking on tv on Tuesday. What are you hearing what may happen? Will there be another lock down ?

    • The cases are up to 65 in 100,000, higher than the 20 in early October but nowhere near the 450 in April…so far. The address by President Macron concerns the economy as well as Covid, not just a Covid announcement. Over 80% of French adults are fully vaccinated and school kids in areas with higher cases are going to be wearing masks in schools again, but there’s no point in speculating about another lockdown (which is highly unlikely at the moment), just hang on until Tuesday. 😉

    • I flew into Nice, and there was a pharmacy right in the airport. I had my pass sanitaire before even taking the tram into the center of the city. I thought the 36 Euro price was kind of expensive, but since I’ll be spending six weeks, it was worth getting in order to have the proper credential and not having to hope for the best with the CDC card.

  • Hello and thank you for the helpful info. I am a US citizen traveling to Paris in a couple of weeks and looking to get a QR code so I don’t have to rely on my CDC card everywhere. However, when I clicked the link for the demarches-simplifiees website it gives me the message “This procedure has been closed, it is no longer possible to submit a file.” Does anyone know if the site is just temporarily down, or is this service no longer being offered? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello.

      I found this on the US Embassy in Paris website. It appears that website has been shutdown. 😞

      “On August 10, France announced the procedure for non-French citizens vaccinated outside of the European Union to obtain the French health pass.  NOTE: As of October 31, the French Government has closed the website for those in this category to request a health pass. We are awaiting additional information on how to request a health pass.  Individuals who are not fully vaccinated or who are awaiting processing of their request for a French health pass can obtain a temporary, 72-hour pass with a negative COVID test (either antigen or PCR).  The test results include the necessary QR code.”

  • I submitted my application for a pass sanitaire on 12 September, a full month before I was to fly to France. As my departure date got closer, I sent a few requests for help. The only response was something like “ be patient.”
    I arrived in Paris with no QR code. Someone at the tourist office at CDG said to go to a pharmacy. The first pharmacist I spoke to said he could go to prison if he “converted” my CDC card. No luck with others. I had no trouble getting access to a restaurant for dinner. That night, jet-lagged and unable to sleep, I sent another message to the support email address that appears at the bottom of SOME pages on the France Connect website. Polite, respectful but desperate. The next day I got two messages in quick succession. The first said, “We have received your request and are investigating it.” The next, time-stamped a minute later, contained the link my QR code.

    • Do you happen to know the email you used? I applied over a month ago and am still waiting and we leave Wednesday.

    • Hi Jennifer, it seems they’ve stopped issuing the passes online, you have to go to a pharmacy once you’re in Paris if you want the Pass Sanitaire (link in the article with the map of all of the ones that definitely do them).

  • I am fully vaccinated. I am traveling to Paris and have applied for my health pass but have not received it yet. I plan to take a train 3 hours after I land in Paris CDG Airport to another city in France. In the event that my health pass does not arrive on time, I would need a temporary health pass to board the train. I can get tested in the US before I leave but is it possible to get a temporary health pass with this COVID test that I get in the US (within the correct span of time, of course). If not, is there a place that I can get a temporary health pass in the CDG airport?

    • I am in a similar predicament. However, the solution may be to get a Antigen test at the airport pharmacies that have advertised rapid antigen testing. ( there are at least 2, in Terminal 2E and 2F); not the COVID test centre, which needs an appointment. this should get you a 3 day Pass Sanitaire. Hope this helps. on the other hand, you might get the pass just before you leave.

    • you will have no problem boarding a train – they do not check for the pass. we did not receive our pass sanitaire for 5 days after arriving in France. All restaurants understood and told thee USA vaccination card

  • We are traveling in February and I am feeling confused…how early can we apply for this pass? Is what people are describing you can do at these pharmacies different? I think I understand that we will need PCR tests 72 hours before traveling but also 72 hours before we return to the US? It sounds like getting tests in France (antigen is fine for flying? or needs to be PCR?) is fairly simple? Correct? I’m getting nervous we will not do something right and have a problem!!

    • You can apply whenever you like, but they typically won’t send it to you until a few days before you arrive (at least when they’re not overwhelmed by requests, as they have been at the start). For flying, you need to ask your airline which test they require, as some say antigen is okay, others ask for PCR. Both are very easy to get in France without an appointment but a PCR can take 24 hours, antigen is usually 15 minutes.

  • I have bad news: the Pharmacy Les Filles du Calvaires is no longer issuing vaccination conversions. Apparently the government told them this week (the beginning of October) that they are no longer allowed to do that for foreigners. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  • My husband and I submitted applications for the Pass Sanitiare on 9/23/2021 at the same time. By 9/27/2021, he had his in hand. By today (10/04/2021), mine still had not been accepted. So I followed the suggestion of resubmitting the application using an alternate email address. It was, also, suggested that the application be submitted early on Monday morning. I did all of that and had a Pass Sanitaire in TWO HOURS! What a relief!!

  • I just applied for pass on October 2 and I fly October 20. I was confused re address and ended up putting my address but my son edited it and in the space for more information put his address and telephone numbers as well. I wonder how this will go?? Should I apply again with French address in residence abroad address. I will be in a village, not in Paris.

  • I was on business in Paris from September 22-29, 2021. and used my Croatian COVID19 application with a vaccination certificate. Nowhere no problem. From the SILMO fair to the Museum, Disnayland and shopping malls. Everything was like I was at home. As I am in the EU, we are all.

  • Hi Heather. Thanks for all the useful information regarding the pass sanitaire. Perhaps I have missed it, but do we know which countries outside the EU will accept the French pass sanitaire ? For example, does it assist with entry into the U.K. ?

    • Hi Steve, the Pass Sanitaire is simply a QR code scannable within the EU. Not sure if the UK can scan it, but regardless it will still be using the information provided by your proof of vaccination, but I would check with the UK embassy website to be sure. I don’t follow what countries outside of France require, sorry. 😉

    • Hi Steve – I flew from paris to bologna in Italy on oct 13 on airfrance.

      One day prior, Air France asked me to upload a “european digital passenger locator form” which I did by going to the https://euplf.eu/ and filling out some hotel information for Italy. This generates a pdf which I downloaded and emailed to myself and then uploaded into the Air France app.

      Air France then sent me an email saying “Your boarding pass will have a “READY2FLY” flag” and they direct you to a shorter security line at CDG airport. No one asked me for that dPLF after that when entering italy.

      At the gate they asked to see a green pass.

      That’s just the pdf with the qr code once you get the conversion approved email from the “demarches simplifiees” site.

      Which you can either put into the “tous anti covid” app or print or email yourself or easiest for me was to directly scan into my apple wallet on my phone where it shows up as “EU digital covid certificate”.

  • Great article, I’m noticing you can5 book a COVID test in France online unless you have a French phone number, is there any site besides those mentioned that you can book an appointment online? If not is it pretty easy to get a COVID test in Paris as a walk in? Thank you

  • I can confirm as of Oct 2, 2021, the Pharmacie Les Filles du Calvaire mentioned in the article is still converting foreign vaccine records into the pass sanitaire! It costs €20. Thanks for the tip in the first place—this article saved my partner and I about €150 and a lot of hassle!

    • Hello! May I ask – did you apply for your Health Pass, and did it not come through? How did you get to the pharmacy? Will a taxi take you? thank you! I applied mid-September for my trip Oct 9th but have not yet received my pass.

    • Thank you Jackie, we will be in Paris on the 14th. Hope to be able to access there also.

  • Hi, just wanted to add an update. Thanks to this post, I just received my passe after no movement since I submitted on Sept 3. I changed my address to my hotel address in Paris and got my passe in 36 hours. My “completed on” line listed my home city and the date I completed. Just in time as we leave in four days.

    • Thanks for posting. I submitted ours also on the 3rd and so far nothing! You give me hope.

  • I am still very confused about what to put as the address. Is it where I will be staying in France or is it my address in the United States? Further, what country to I fill in? can anyone definitively answer this??

    • Hi Jan, I’ve been told by several people that they didn’t get their certificate until they changed their address in the application to the address in France where they are staying (even if it’s a hotel).

  • Good news! I applied for the pass on September 1 for an upcoming trip on September 23, and checked obsessively, sent reminders etc and heard not a peep. TODAY as I am getting ready to leave my apt for the airport, the pass arrived! Wow. So keep your options open but also bear in mind the pass might still arrive.

    • what address did you enter on the application form…..where you are staying in France or your US address?

    • Was your flight on a weekend? I ask because mine is and I do now know whether they send the passes out during the weekend.

  • It is very random. I am a US citizen and applied online on September 2nd for travel to Paris departing on September 26th. I filled out the form perfectly. So far nothing. My best friend applied on September 10th for travel to Paris departing on October 2nd, entered his home address rather than his address in Paris, and received his Health Pass last night – September 21st. My application still shows “still in process” so today, I sent a message asking what is happening because I leave in a few days and I exchanged the jpeg of my passport for a pdf of it so it matched my friend’s application. I also updated the “Fait à” line to include my state (IL) and USA. In addition, I created another account using a different email address, and applied again. Fingers crossed, one of these applications will go through. I’m staying in the 15th during my visit.

    • UPDATE: I would NOT bother applying online – simply go to the pharmacy recommended here with your information and they will generate the code for your pass. I applied 27 days ago and have been in Paris for three days already. Still nothing from applying online. I went to the pharmacy and had my code in minutes.

    • I did get my code later in the day on September 29th. However, I do not know whether the government was simply confirming information already submitted a few days before by the pharmacy. Again, although the governmental system is free, the stress due to the delay i(27 days in my casse) s simply not worth it.

  • Never received a response from the French government after our applications were submitted and inquiry messages sent.

    Happy to say, Pharmacie Les Filles du Calvaires (2 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire 75003-75011) did indeed quickly process our CDC papers 9/20 and provide the official QR code for uploading to the French Anti Covid app.

    One pro tip: The pharmacy opens at 900am but doesn’t start processing the forms until 1000am. On the day we went, we were told to come back at 1000. We did, however, the pharmacy apparently has to receive a new daily code to process the applications. On this day, they still hadn’t received the code 45 minutes later so we came back later in the day. This did not seem to be a normal occurrence, but something to be aware of as a possibility if you are under some kind of time constraint.

    Prior to having our CDC card converted, we did also have to get two COVID tests. Be aware that the test *should* cost you 25 euros. One pharmacy in St Germain Des Pres charged us 48 euros! And the “15 minute results” didn’t appear until 3 hours later. I would suggest always getting a printout of the results and QR code just to be on the safe side.

  • Thank you for the tip for the pharmacy. It worked perfectly at that location, I got my health pass there on September 18th. I had waited 2 weeks for the online pass without luck.

    • thank you for posting this because i have been trying, without success, on both sites and most recently applied on september 1. each time i check the site adds a few days of delay. it started at 5 days and now they’re up to 18 days of delay. i think it’s hopeless and since i a leavin on 9/23 i am encouraged to hear that i can still get one at the pharmacy in the 11th. it’s not a very genteel way of welcoming tourists, and i say this as someone who loves france.

  • I just want to share my experience with obtaining a Pass Sanitaire and I’m hoping it will be helpful to someone else in the future. I am arriving in Paris on Sep 19. I submitted my application #1 to the email address on Aug 29 and received an automated response stating that starting Aug 27, the application process has been moved to an online platform. I created an account and resubmitted application #2 using this platform on Aug 29 and again received an automated response confirming that they received my dossier immediately followed by another automated response stating that they are receiving a large volume of application but that the antigen testing every 72 hrs is an available
    option (presumably because there’s a good chance they won’t get to my application) but please don’t contact them as it will only delay the process. After waiting patiently and not receiving ANY communication, it’s as if my dossier got buried under everyone else’s application. I finally sent them a message through the platform on Sep 12 gently inquiring when I may hear back as my arrival is in a week. That seemed to move my dossier on the top of the file because less than 12 hrs later, my QR code is waiting in my inbox. Like what others have said, there does not seem to be a method that they are following as others I know with closer departure dates have not reduced their pass. It seems that sending a gentle reminder helped me.

  • Has anyone heard if the pharmacy in 11th is still willing to help Americans convert their CDC cards? I sent my online application in last week but my file is still marked in progress and I’m flying out this Friday so I’m searching for a backup plan

  • Hello All

    just a quick note: I am traveling to Paris for 2 weeks beginning tomorrow, and today, JUST received my Pass Sanitaire – I applied 3x and finally…looks like they are processing right before departure date.

    • Good to know, albeit nervewracking! Did you apply three times via the original email way or the more recent upload way?

    • Hey Paul, I am happy for you, but want others to know, it is hit or miss re receiving the pass sanitaire. I first applied a week before my departure for France on August 21 and received no reply. Reapplied after arriving and three weeks later, I have had no reply. I live part of the year in France (apartment owner), know people who are always very kind to us, and no one, no one is willing to let me into their establishments sans pass. Haven’t found a pharmacist willing to help me. They don’t wish to see my CDC card…. Just a warning… Thank goodness we have friends here. We have cooked lovely meals with friends in our apartment, but I have not been to any venues requiring a pass sanitaire. Quite sad….

      [Editor’s note: Linda is in Montpellier; if anyone has any insider tips there on where to get a pass, let us know in the comments!]

  • I sent 3 friends to Pharmacie Les Filles du Calvaire today, and they had success. (Note, they tried Pharmacie Rennes Assas yesterday, and were told Pharmacies no longer do this. And this was a Pharmacy where we knew severl other US people had success in August.) Yesterday they used their CDC cards at outdoor cafes and got confused looks by waiters, but it was accepted. We had not tried it at a museum, guided tour, etc. Each of them had different experiences on their flights, immigration, etc. as to what paperwork was checked and when.

    • Good to know. Thank you. I had just added Rennes Assas to my list. Hopefully Les Filles will still be doing this by next week!

    • I’ve sent three people there this week and all three had success. I should also mention I’m getting a lot of messages from others saying their CDC cards were accepted without fail. So, consider the pharmacy a backup plan. 😉

    • Thank you Heather. We are set to fly to Paris for a wedding on wednesday 9/15, applied online 9/1 for the Pass Sanitaire and have heard zip since. We have an interior flight, plus loads of restaurant and museum bookings, and were very worried about whether or not we should cancel. So, THANK YOU for the info about the pharmacy and also reassuring to know CDC cards are somewhat accepted in some places. We will try the pharmacy next week, and will update you. If all else fails, we’ll just keep getting the covid tests I guess!

    • Hi Jennifer — curious if you went to the the pharmacy in 11th and if it was still processing CDC cards as of this week? I hope you enjoy your time in Paris!

  • My husband and I applied for a pass sanitaire whilst in France on august 17th He received his in 45mins but I am still waiting! Coming from New Zealand this means I need a Covid test every 72 hours or we stay at home!

    • That sounds exhausting! I’m not familiar with the New Zealand vaccine cards or certificates, but have you tried using yours with any success while waiting for the French QR code?

    • I hope you have since received it. Where did your husband get his? I will be here for the next 3 months and have been unable to get one coming from the USA

    • If you’re staying three months it might just be worth getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is validated after 28 days on the Pass Sanitaire. But it might not be necessary; I’m getting a lot of emails from readers successfully able to visit museums and restaurants,ts with just their CDC vaccine cards.

  • I arrived in France on July 5 th … they checked for Covid and I presented my CDC vaccination card at the passport control . Once the pass sanitaire was required for museums , I couldn’t get in with the CDC vaccination card …

  • I arrived at CDG from the States on July 2. No vaccination check nor proof of negative Covid test in 72-hour window required. I was prepared with both but didn’t need them.

    • Did you read above where it says “Travel to France”??? A handful of “green” countries can travel to France without any restrictions except a negative PCR test for anyone NOT vaccinated. Includes all of EU, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Lebanon, Singapore, Canada, and the United States.