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French Environmental Groups

Become an Urban Eco-Warrior!

ecocitoyen.jpgPick up the handy little “Guide de l’écocitoyen à Paris” (Parigramme, €6) for all of the information you’ll need to become an “Eco-Citizen” in Paris: tips on how to reduce pollution in your apartment (including noise pollution), where to recycle, tax benefits of electric cars, cycling in town, and energy will reduction strategies.

Combine “Vélo” (bike) and “Revolution”, and you get Vélorution, a group that promotes cycling to cut down on pollution and congestion in the cities. They lobby for better bike lanes, bike parking, etc, and organize many events in the city throughout the year.

Greenpeace France
You’ve probably seen the Greenpeace folks out and about in Paris in their green jackets trying to sign up new members. I was walking the dogs when they swooped in on me, and after giving them a good grilling on their current activities in France (which include lobbying against genetically-modified crops, nuclear energy, questionable toxic waste dumping in developing countries, and climate change), I finally became a member. I’m such a softie for rainbow stickers…

Les Verts
Check out the French Green Party agenda for the 2007 elections.

Réseau Action Climat France
This umbrella site covers the issue of Climate Change, with publications, the latest news, and events happening throughout France.

Les Amis de la Terre
How can you not like a group called “Friends of the Earth”? Sounds so friendly, doesn’t it? They’re active in issues such as climate change, forest protection, nuclear and fossil fuel alternatives, lobbying against genetically-modified crops, and sustainable lifestyle practices.

Agir Pour l’Environnement
This environmental lobby group is currently focusing its efforts on banning the exportation of nuclear energy (because they’ll be building power lines through the Alps and the Pyrenees), against genetically-modified foods, and banning motorized vehicles like ATVs and snow mobiles from nature reserves.

Sortir du Nucléair
”Leave Nuclear” lobbies for a nuclear-free future as the umbrella organization for over 750 groups throughout France. Bilingual website.

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