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Make a Difference Volunteer in Paris

Volunteer Opportunities in Paris: Get Involved!

For those of us who have made Paris home, whether temporary or permanent, volunteering our time to give back to our adopted community is a great way of paying it forward. And especially for those who feel cloistered within their expat community bubbles, volunteering with the locals can be an authentic way of getting to know what Paris is really like beneath the postcard-perfect façade.

Volunteering in Paris Isn’t for Everyone

Looking for Long-Term Volunteers

If you come from the United States like I do, you might be used to picking up a few volunteer shifts at the local soup kitchen for Christmas or participating in an annual bake sale at your local nursing home. While there are certain times of year charities in Paris need more volunteers (the winter holidays and August heatwaves), they generally do NOT take on temporary (or “ponctuel”) volunteers. They prefer volunteers are properly trained and make a long-term commitment (usually six months to a year minimum) so they can be assured they’ll have enough qualified volunteers on all shifts. Be sure you know what kind of commitment is expected of you before signing up (especially if you are only a part-time resident). The larger charities usually have information sessions that address these issues.

Do You Have to Speak French to Volunteer?

Unless you’re only looking for volunteer opportunities in the English-speaking community organizations like SOS Helpline, you will absolutely need to understand and speak French to volunteer in Paris. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be fluent, but the information, registration, and interactions will all be in French, and charities are usually too understaffed and overworked to have the time to hand-hold people “practicing” their French. Of course it’s not a big deal if you don’t understand every word when you’re manning a collection table at a food bank or planting trees. But if you’re volunteering with organizations where you’ll be interacting with at-risk or otherwise sensitive populations, you’ll need enough French to carry on a conversation.  Again, if you’re not sure, simply reach out to the organizers or attend an information session to be sure.

Voluntourism Isn’t a Thing in Paris

Volunteer tourism, or “voluntourism”, seems to be quite popular these days judging from the number of emails I get asking about where tourists can volunteer in Paris. Sorry, the last two paragraphs make it clear that the city’s charities just aren’t set up for that. Travel blogger Dana Carmel was intent on making it work despite the warnings writes about her failed experience (I give her an “A+” for effort): “The Problem with Volunteering in Paris”

Ready to Volunteer! Where to Get Started

In Person

You’ve probably Googled to get to this page, but the best way to find information about volunteering is to go old-school: in person. No matter where you live in France, the best places to find volunteer opportunities are your local Mairie (Town Hall), community center, library, or house of worship. All of them will have a welcome desk with someone who can steer you in the right direction, but in many cases,  they also will have a table or rack with flyers and brochures that you can find all sorts of information about local organizations and charities that may need volunteers. Attending events at any of these places is also a great way to meet people who would be happy to hear you’re looking to volunteer. Again, if you don’t speak French yet, there are plenty of Anglophone organizations in Paris looking for members…and volunteers (for those from the United States, here is a list of organizations from the US Embassy). Don’t be shy!


A big fat caveat emptor when trying to find info online: a lot of charities and organizations run by charities don’t always have the manpower to keep their websites up to date or respond to emails in a timely manner. If they list a FB page, that might have the latest events and calls for volunteers listed. I do try and update this each year or when I get new information, but do email heather@secretsofparis.com if any of the links are dead.


The City of Paris has a special website bringing together all of the information about how Parisians can help Ukrainians, whether in their country, trapped in France while traveling, or who have come to Paris as refugees, with info on how to donate and/or volunteer (in French only): https://www.paris.fr/pages/paris-se-mobilise-pour-l-ukraine-20504

English-Speaking Organizations with Volunteer Opportunities

  • SOS Helpline in English 
    I’ve been a longtime supporter of the SOS Helpline, which trains volunteers to staff their English-language listening line. They do twice-annual used book sales to raise funds, and hold regular informational meetings for potential volunteers.
  • WICE
    WICE “Where Internationals Connect in English” is an anglophone cultural organization that’s been around since 1978. They offer courses and programs ranging from Visual arts to Food and Wine, and Languages. WICE has a wonderful work environment and gives you a great amount of flexibility and many opportunities to meet new people as a volunteer.
  • Serve the City Paris
    Serve the City Paris is part of a global movement of English-speaking volunteers that help the people in cities who are in need, focused on helping asylum seekers, refugees, the homeless and underprivileged foreigners in Paris. Volunteers help with food distribution, English lessons, social engagement and other activities in a kind and light-spirited environment.
  • BICE
    BICE is the “International Catholic Child Bureau”, a non-profit committed to defend the dignity and rights of children. Volunteers are needed in the Paris office for administrative assistance, translations, and visitor welcome.
  • The American Hospital of Paris
    The non-profit American Hospital of Paris (in the suburb of Neuilly) is always looking for volunteers (they do state that you should speak both English and French).
  • Cancer Support France
    This charity assists English-speaking people in France being treated for cancer. Volunteers are trained to support those with cancer and their families and caregivers, and also to help with fundraising events.
  • The American Library in Paris
    Both adults and teens from 16-18 can volunteer at the American Library, with a 4-month minimum commitment expected. Opportunities include welcome desk, evening event support, shelving, graphic design and video editing.
  • The American Church
    The American Church in Paris needs volunteers for many different activities, both for church services (ushers and nursery volunteers) and assistance at events open to the public such as Bloom Where You’re Planted.
  • The American Cathedral 
    The American Cathedral needs volunteers for their many programs, including adult education, Welcome Committee, Friday Lunch service for those in need, parish life, and their holiday Love in a Box distribution of gifts for children.
  • English Pour Tout Le Monde
    An association based in Paris offering free English learning opportunities to people in precarious situations who are frequently excluded from society. “With the help of our volunteers, we provide group English classes and extra-curricular activities. We work in partnership with other associations who assist refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and people experiencing difficulties.” English-teaching experience is helpful, but not required.
  • ChangeNOW
    “The world’s largest gathering of solutions for the planet with 1000 solutions, 400 speakers from 120 countries, and 800 investors” brings together changemakers for the planet. Even though the event itself is usually three days in May, volunteers are needed well in advance and sometimes after to help with everything from communications to welcoming VIPs (in 2022 it was Jane Goodall). The official language of the event is English, but as the organizers are French it does help to at least understand some French. It’s a great way to meet new people, network and build your resumé if you’re new to Paris!
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Volunteering Platforms (in French)

These websites offer searchable lists of different volunteer opportunities by location, time commitment, or type of volunteer activity throughout Paris and the Ile-de-France region.

  • Je m’Engage
    Run by the City of Paris to encourage not only volunteer work, but also to foster greater civic participation and community-building. They host regular information events in Paris where you can browse the tables to get brochures and meet the local organizations looking for volunteers.
  • Benenova
    A portal for volunteers where you create an account to find the best match for your own interests, availability and location.
  • Je Veux Aider
    This volunteer platform makes it super simple to find out how you can help, starting with three donation categories: time, money, and “other” (like used clothing or computer donations). You can find, using their search system, volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood for health, education, children, international, social, environment, etc. Sign up for their newsletter to keep up with opportunities throughout the year.
  • Tous Bénévols
    A portal for volunteer opportunities searchable by type, location, duration (including one-off volunteer experiences during the holidays).
  • France Bénévolat
    This website is one of the best for volunteer opportunities in France, with over 300 listings for Paris alone. They list all kinds of positions, from coaching sports teams to working with handicap children to admin work for Reporters Without Borders. 
  • Distribution de Repas
    This page from the Paris City Hall website lists all of the soup kitchens and other food distribution points in Paris by district, with hours and addresses.

Charities/Non-Profits in Paris that Regularly Recruit Volunteers

  • The Armée du Salut 
    The Salvation Army needs volunteers to help with the holiday dinner celebrations on the 24th and 31st, as well as gift wrapping, gift delivery and other holiday preparations.
  • La Banque Alimentaire 
    La Banque Alimentaire is also a food bank that needs long-term volunteers and donations.
  • Oxfam 
    Oxfam needs volunteers for their two shops in Paris, at 61 rue Daguerre in the 14th and 8 rue St-Amboise in the 11th. They collect and sell used clothing, books, CDs, and DVDs in French and English.
  • Emmaüs Paris 
    Emmaüs always needs volunteers for help at their charity thrift shops around Paris and the suburbs.
  • Restos du Coeur
    The “Restaurants of the Heart” are soup kitchens and grocery distribution centers located throughout France. Founded by the late comedian Coluche in 1985, this popular charity is known for its spirit of solidarity and good humor. As a weekly volunteer at one of the mobile distribution units, I can say that the Parisians I’ve met here are nothing like the grim, cranky, cynics you see on the metro every day, LOL! They are always looking for volunteers with regular availability.
  • Croix Rouge
    The French Red Cross is a huge organization with many activities throughout the country. They sell holiday cards, organize toy drives, collect donations for particularly urgent international disasters (like Hurricane Katrina or the Pakistan earthquake). They also give regular first-aid and CPR certification classes in Paris. They are always looking for volunteers for everything from organizing book or clothing collections to office assistance and first-aid response teams.
  • Secours Populaire Français
    One of the most active charities in France, the Secours Populaire is similar to the Red Cross, with a focus on humanitarian projects within France in the fields of education, health, emergency aid, and human rights. They have a huge Père Noël campaign at Christmas (you’ll see the “Green Santa helpers” around town). They’re looking for volunteers of all ages (they even have a program for young children).
  • Secours Catholique
    A charity created by the Catholic priest Monseigneur Rodhain in 1946 after the horrors of the occupation during WWII. Today the organization is one of the largest in France, with local and international humanitarian projects. They recruit regularly for short and long-term missions in France and overseas.
  • Tout le Monde Contre la Cancer
    A non-profit French charity that helps children and families affected by cancer by raising money for research and organizing special events (such as toy distribution in hospitals at Christmas, gala concerts with French stars, vacations for the families and “make a wish” style gifts for the kids, such as a trip to Disneyland). They are looking for volunteers available for both one-off events or long-term activities in Paris.
  • Les Petits Frères des Pauvres 
    Les Petits Frères des Pauvres assists and accompanies the elderly, including hosting a community Christmas dinner and delivery of Christmas packages. They need volunteers throughout the year.
    UNICEF is an international organization supporting children. Aside from their charity works, they also need volunteers year-round in their Paris boutique (7 rue St-Lazare, 9th), but also to help sell their holiday cards at stands around Paris and the rest of France at Christmas.
  • Société de Protection des Animaux
    Established in 1845, the Société de Protection des Animaux (SPA) is celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2020. They always need donations, but they also need volunteers to help out at their shelters throughout France (the one in Paris is at 39 boulevard Berthier, 17th. Even if you just have time to come and walk, pet and give attention to the dogs and cats, it’s much appreciated.
  • Les Amarres/Aurore
    Located in an old industrial building overlooking the Seine in the 13th arrondissement, Les Amarres is a multi-use space that serves as a welcome center for refugees on weekdays, a co-working space, and a café and concert space open to the public throughout the week and evenings. They need volunteers to help serve food/drinks at the café, welcome refugees, or assist with events (such as helping set up or taking photos). They have regular “Apéros” for anyone curious about becoming a volunteer, check their event schedule on their website or FB.

Other Volunteer Options

  • The French are crazy about running. And many running events are for a good cause, from La Parisienne women’s run supporting breast cancer research to the Wamiz Run in support of the Guide Dog Association of Paris. You don’t have to be sporty yourself to contribute. Almost every sports event needs volunteers to help handing out bibs in advance, cups of water during the race, or medals at the finish line. Some other running events include the Course de La Jonquille (Daffodil Race) in support of the Cancer Research at the Curie Institute, the Soli’Run (and walk) for Habitat for Humanity in France (housing for those in need), Odyssea run in support of breast cancer research, La Sine Qua Non run for women’s equality, La Course des Lumières night run in support of the Curie Institute, L’Urgent Run Paris supports sanitation programs around the world, and Run for the Planet supports charities fighting for the planet.
  • If you want to get your hands dirty, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities on urban farms such as V’ile Fertile, or even volunteering on organic farms throughout France in exchange for room and board. Boomforest organizes one-off “urban forest” tree-planting events in and around Paris (usually November through March). The website’s in French, but the organizers speak English (and many other languages for this international group); just email them for info in English info@boomforest.org).
  • La Protection Civile Paris Seine is a volunteer organization dedicated to public safety. They support municipal emergency services as first responders, help the homeless and other at-risk populations, conduct training sessions for first-aid and CPR (I’ve participated in these!), and are instrumental in emergency situations like Covid-19. They’re always looking to train in new volunteers to join their team.
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  • Hi, are there any remote volunteering opportunities for candidates in the Grand Est ? More specifically I’m looking to volunteer my time while in the city of Thionville (I haven’t had much luck through the other websites)

    Thank you !

  • Oh woow, 6 years down the line after this article , I’m here seeking opportunities for volunteering in Paris and all the points listed in this article remains true. Oh that’s sad for me right now. I’m a Nigerian and I’ve moved to Paris a couple of months ago and it’s been a Herculean task getting volunteering opportunities to help others and further immerse into the culture while I wait on a proper job opportunity. I pray there’s some silver linings for me soon.

    • Have you seen the latest list of volunteer opportunities for the holidays from La Fabrique de la Solidairité? https://www.facebook.com/lafabriquedelasolidarite/posts/5260188280674951

    • It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it matters how long you’re in Paris, if you speak French, your availability and sometimes whether you have experience. Each one is different, so you’ll need to read their descriptions of what they’re looking for carefully.

  • Message Paris, www.messageparis.org is an association for English speaking parents and is entirely run by volunteers. From magazine designing and website managing to breastfeeding support and hosting member events – Message has infinite opportunities for parents who want community.