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A New Paris Theme Hotel

The “Secret de Paris” hotel recently opened in the 9th arrondissement, just below the Place de Clichy. The name obviously caught my eye, and the unique decor made it worth a hike across town for a visit. 

The lobby is in purple and black, with a wall of books and comfy lounge chairs. 

Each room has a different Paris theme, this one is an Eiffel Tower room, of course. The keyhole painting is part of the whole “peeking into Paris” atmosphere.

Inside, the room is set up to look like you’re sleeping right on the Eiffel Tower (not recommended for anyone with vertigo), with actual photos screened onto the wall by the decorator Sandrine Alouf.


The Musée d’Orsay room recreates the view from the inside of them museum’s clocks (that’s why the ars are backwards).

The Moulin Rouge room has red roses screened onto the carpet and a red-glass partitioned bathroom. All of the bathrooms have frosted or tinted glass separating it from the rooms for a peek-a-boo effect, some with big jacuzzi tubs, some with walk-in showers.

The soundproofing is amazing, you won’t hear a thing from outside. The blackout curtains and adjustable lights in every room give you the feel of night time even in the middle of the day. In general, looks like a fun hotel! Rates from €196. Check out the website for many more photos. 

Secret de Paris Hotel
2 rue de Parme, 9th
Tel 01 53 16 33 33


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