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The Back Door to Cheaper Eurostar Tickets


If you book well in advance, Eurostar tickets from Paris to London are usually well under €100 round trip. But if you wait until the last minute like yours truly, then it gets much, much more expensive (like, oh, €300). Even easyJet fares were up in the €250 range, which is horrible when you have to get to Roissy-CDG airport and then into London from Luton. But there’s another option when all of the cheap seats from Gare du Nord are sold out.

After a LOT of surfing around, I found a little back door to cheaper (and sometimes ONLY) fares to London when the regular tickets are sold out: Disneyland!

Disneyland Paris train station

Sometimes the alternative route to London from Marne La Vallée – Chessy (aka Disneyland Paris) will automatically show for trips between Paris and London on Eurostar’s website. Sometimes you have to actually type in the station name to see the fares. Of course, the catch is that you still have to get to Disneyland Paris, but that’s only a 45 minute RER ride from Paris, same as going to the airport.

If you’re not finding anything available on the official Eurostar website, try searching on SNCF’s Oui website (oui.sncf) for discount train tickets, paying special attention to whether the train is direct or requires a change. This site also proposes bus tickets and carpooling, so be careful you’re booking the TRAIN if that’s what you want (the time will give it away). The Disneyland option seems to be the best for leaving Paris on Monday night, when fares are lowest.

Cheap Last-Minute Train Fares between Paris and London

In case you missed it, there’s also a secret website managed by Eurostar that sells heavily-discounted, last-minute train tickets between London and Paris (and Lille and Brussels) as low as €29 each way. Read “Eurostar’s Secret Discount Train Tickets”


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