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K&K – Queens of the Paris Podcast

I first met Katia & Kylie Mac at a Naughty Paris launch event back in 2008. I hadn’t yet heard of the K&K podcast, but the ladies were so enthusiastic about doing a Naughty Paris episode, that I made the trek out to the ‘burbs to what was once the Coffee Table Studio. If I had known that I was going to be plied with chilled cocktails and peanut M&Ms, I might have run the whole way there!

Now the ladies are all grown up, the show has moved into the Boudoir Studio, and on Saturday night they hosted fans from all over the world (the ones who made it through the volcanic ash cloud, anyway) for a live recording of their 333rd episode of the K&K Podcast at the Highlander Pub.

K&K podcast event
Kylie Mac, Katia and Steve (representing England on the panel) at the Highlander.

I took a French friend with me who asked the logical question, “What is the podcast about?” And my response, while not very eloquent, is very enthusiastic (contagious stuff): “It’s about two girls in Paris!” What he soon discovered, and what their loyal listeners have known all along, is that the real secret is that these ladies are hilarious. They work without scripts, without being paid (in cash, anyway), without a hidden agenda, and without any of the smug pretentiousness that most podcasters seem to have. And, it doesn’t hurt that they are technically gifted so that they sound and look (check out their website) just like professionals, braving any momentary technical glitches and M&M shortages as graciously as any BBC commentators.

At the live recording party on Saturday, I ate my weight in M&Ms (and then some), sang along with the surprise song “Thank You for the Podcast” prepared in secret by the K&K panel speakers Frog, Kathryn and Steve (to the tune of Abba’s “Thank You for the Music”), and had the oddly thrilling experience of being recognized by my voice by some of the fans at the event who had heard me on several of the episodes.

K&K fans celebrating 333 episodes at the Highlander Pub.

If you haven’t discovered them already, do stop by the K&K website to listen to their archived shows, or on any Saturday for live recordings with webcam and live chat…and stuff. And if you ever wondered if that person sitting behind you at the Parisian café is moi, you can get an earful of Heatherness on episodes 183, 184, 200 and 201 (recorded live at the Great Canadian Pub), 247, 248, 263, and heckling from the crowd on episode 333. And if you get addicted to the catchy theme song, you can always download the ringtone. 😉

k&k podcast logo

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