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Images of the Liberation of Paris

This documentary was filmed, cut and edited by a group of Resistance film makers in the week leading up to the Liberation of Paris as the Allies were approaching the city. It’s narrated in French, but you’ll recognize many Parisian monuments in the fighting scenes, including the Hôtel de Ville, Notre Dame, and the Opéra Garnier. It ends with the triumphant parade down the Champs-Elysées and Charles de Gaulle’s speech.



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  • Yeah, I noticed that even when they are running, they look more like they’re going for a jog, not trying to avoid bullets. I suppose four years of being starved and bullied can make one a bit blasé about being shot.

  • Waaaw, i’ve never seen this film before!It’s interesting to notice that most of the moments are really quiet, lots of sequences just showed fighters waiting. People are roaming in the streets, even when soldiers or resistants are shooting, the situtation doesn’t seem to be really violent.You’ve got the same impression when you look photographies of this period.But with this movie it becomes almost funny: the voice-over is terribly cheesy, trying to creat a suspens while nothing is really happening!