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Discover the Best Secrets of Paris in this TV Series


“Next Stop Paris” is a 13-episode Canadian TV series about Paris that featuring my good friend and fellow travel expert Lisa Pasold.

Each 45-minute episode (now online) centers on a particular neighborhood around 13 Paris metro stations, so you can use it as guide for in-depth explorations of these districts: OpéraMontparnasseCharles-de-Gaulle-EtoileGrands BoulevardsPlace d’ItalieLes HallesSt-PaulSt-Germain-des-Prés, InvalidesBir HakeimBastilleButtes Chaumont, and Gambetta.

If you live in Canada you may have seen one of the episodes on the Discovery television channel. Lisa is always stopped by Canadian tourists when we’re walking through the city, it’s hard to miss her! I helped with some of the research (and frequently ran into Lisa and the film crew while leading my tours last fall), so of course I highly recommend watching each 45-minute episode for a real insider view of the city and its colorful history. 


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  • Loved the series, but where are the rest of the episodes… 52 episodes were shot but only 13 available! What a shame!

  • We've now watched about half of the episodes in preparation for an upcoming trip to Paris. Although we've lived in Paris for several short periods, each episode has had new information and tips on things to check out in the city. Lisa's Canadian (or Quebecqois?) accent is a bit unusual to our American ears at times, but it doesn't detract from the subject matter. I especially like the fact that the emphasis is on some of the lesser known delights of Paris.

  • Thank you for this entry. We are enjoying the show here in West Palm Beach as we plan for our September visit. Very well done!