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Bossnapping Epidemic Hits France

Bossnapping has become all the rage in French companies where layoffs and plant closures have emboldened disgruntles employees to break the law. Managers have been held at the Caterpillar plant in Grenoble, Scapa glue company in south-east France, the Sony plant in south-west France, and at the car electronics company Molex near Toulouse. Not surprisingly, 50% of French people polled by RFI said they supported the workers. In all cases, the kidnappers have won the concessions they demanded. Of course, they’re probably shooting themselves in the foot since behavior like this won’t make foreign companies too keen on opening offices in France.

With more layoffs likely in the coming months and the upcoming May 1st “Fête du Travail” (when French workers take to the streets to show their strength) threatening to cause more unrest, President Sarkozy has pledged to bring an end to the bossnappings. “What’s all this, kidnapping people? We have the rule of law, I won’t let people carry on like that.”

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