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Happy Belgian New Year!

This morning I stopped into a café in Montmartre with my tour clients (because one of them needed les toilettes), and tried to order a Perrier. But the bartender was having none of that.

“Mais non, c’est le Nouvel an Belge, la fête de la  bière!” That explained the red, yellow and black striped tie she (and most of the clients in the bar, I suddenly noticed) wore around her neck. My clients happily ordered four pints of Affligem. “Un demi pour moi,” I said. It was only 11am, and someone had to keep this tour on schedule! 

If you’re looking for something fun tonight, head to Montmartre for the New Year events, where there will be a Belgian parade in the Abbesses district, followed by Happy Hour with live music from 6pm-midnight in all of the neighborhood bars, and a concert party at La Machine de la Moulin Rouge from 11pm-6am. Many other events and concerts around town (Bus Palladium, Noule Noire, etc).  Find the full schedule here.


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