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French Theatre with English Subtitles: The Prize

The Prize is a dark comedy starring Alysson Paradis about an esteemed historian, paranoid that his latest award is cursed. If it doesn’t kill him, his family just might! This Woody Allen-esque play with risqué French humour follows a paranoid professor and his lovers. 

The Prize: This award might just be death of him

Martin should feel on top of the world. He has just won the International Prize for History, the highest honour in his field and the crowning achievement of his career. But Martin is neither satisfied nor happy. He’s terrified. Convinced that the Prize is cursed—all previous winners having mysteriously dropped dead—Martin now fears for his life. But before he can worry about impending death, the two women in his life have big announcements. His girlfriend, Fabienne, decides to leave him, and his sister-in-law, Véronique, is determined to leave Martin’s brother, Lucas. Secret love affairs and betrayal loom while Martin feels doomed from all angles, professional and personal.

“A gray Sunday afternoon, a dreary mood…And then- a miracle! By going to the Edward 7 this Saturday to see “The Prize”, we did not think to leave so happy. Our eyes were wet from laughing so much! Bravo!”-review from Tickettac.

Celebrated actors, a renowned director, and one of France’s most popular writers have all come together for this comedy, one of the most anticipated new shows of the season. The show is subtitled for English speakers with Theatre in Paris. 

The Prize is showing at the elegant Théâtre Édouard VII (10 place Édouard VII, 9th, M° Opéra) through July 15th from Tuesday through Friday at 8:30pm, Saturdays at 5:30 and 8:30pm, and Sundays at 3:00pm. Ticket prices start at €48 per person and Theatre in Paris guests are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes before the show to benefit from the pre-show welcome. Inside the theatre is a charming restaurant, Café Guitry, named after Sacha Guitry, a French playwright. Book tickets here.

About Theatre in Paris

A secret many Paris visitors rarely discover is that just like New York and London, Paris has a diverse and thriving theatre scene. True Parisians start lining up all over the city for the latest plays and musicals every night of the week. Now, for the first time ever thanks to Theatre in Paris and their unique live subtitling system, visitors and expats can enjoy the City of Lights’ best-kept secret. 

This spring, they have brand new comedies, classic masterpieces, and unusual gems translated and ready to welcome an international audience in the world of theatre, right here in Paris. Check out their wide range of shows here.

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