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Dita Drives them Crazy

Review by Tracey Ellis

Following a successful stint in Paris in 2006, Dita Von Teese, the queen of burlesque, returns to The Crazy Horse, but this time with a sexy new twist. Maintaining the highest standards in her flawless appearance and apparel with the help of designers Elie Saab, Mr Pearl, and Christian Louboutin, Dita adds a new dimension to her famous and classy burlesque act; her voice.

Her first performance entitled ‘Lazy’ is a deliciously indulgent rendition of a woman spoiled rotten, and Dita revels in it. With a posse of topless French maids in black-bobbed wigs hovering over her reclining form on a red chaise lounge, she is the illustrious mistress.

The artful process of undressing requires the help of at least three other scantily clad women and understandably so. Somewhere between painfully and titillatingly slow, what seems like hundreds of tiny buttons and hooks are undone, dramatically of course, but then this is the point – the pleasure is in the anticipation.

This is the first time Dita has joined in the singing (or lip-syncing) act which many Crazy Horse performances include. As Dita herself says, this was part of the art of burlesque performances in old Hollywood; ‘every star sang a song’. Not possessing an outstanding voice is accepted in this voyeuristic venue, though she pulls it off admirably.

Her second performance called ‘Teese’ing’ mimics a similar Crazy Horse act performed by a faceless dancer who creates a tantalising effect from the waist down, using just her hands and fishnet-stockinged legs to whirl your fantasies into a frenzy. Dita, of course makes this act uniquely her own, but from the thighs up, in a black off-the-shoulder number. Oh la la is all I can muster.

Her last performance is the renowned ‘Le Bain Noir’. “A guy who takes his time, I’ll go for anytime, a hasty job really spoils the master’s touch,” she croons to the crowd while undoing another tedious corset around an impossibly small waist. When she finally gets in the black bath she showers off her sparkly nipples and asks the audience, “Could you qualify to satisfy?”, and with a master such as this, I doubt anyone could.

Due to incredibly high demand and a completely sold-out show in February, Dita is due to return to the Crazy Horse from the 16 – 27 March (except for the 21st). If you’ve never been to the Crazy Horse before, you are in for a special treat. If you have, be prepared to sit through the same routines they’ve been doing the past couple of years, with a bit of Dita in between. Either way, it’s a great show combining American burlesque and Parisian chic.

Tickets start at €120 for the show and half a bottle of bubbly.

Le Crazy Horse Paris
12 Avenue George V, 8th
Tel 01 47 23 32 32


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