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Paris Social Club

UPDATE: This club has closed

Paris Social Club
142, rue Montmartre, 2nd
M° Grands Boulevards

The Paris Social Club opened in January in 2008 in the center of Paris, the venue was previously know as the Triptique. Ever since the opening it’s had all the big electro names in the business playing there, and thus has become a name to reckon with in the Parisian night scene. It’s very popular with the music-conscious youth in their early twenties. On the weekend there is often a queue, which can be skipped by buying your tickets online before going. On Wednesdays and Thursdays the entrance is sometimes free, but do check their website to be sure, as this not always the case.

Once inside you’ll notice they have neon lights all over the place that, with the white grid on a black wall will make you think you walked into the movie Tron. Once past the ticket booth you walk into an area that is rather relaxed, here you can find some sofas and tables where one could consume their drink of choice, but that’s not the reason people come to this club.

The real action is around the corner: the dance floor. As already mentioned, this club has arguably one of the best electronic music programs in Paris and that is something you will notice with all the kids going out of their mind. If you are looking for a place where people come to go wild, this is a pretty good bet. You won’t notice anything of the pretentious Paris here (something that is on a decline in general, in my opinion), people are friendly and very willing to strike up a conversation with a stranger. The downside of this being that the club can be scorching, and the bigger the DJ name the hotter it will be. There are plenty of pictures on the website, they give a good impression on how a good night might look like.

The club has 2 bars, one near the dance floor and one in the calmer are and prices are little less social than you would imagine, but very normal for Parisian standards. (6-8 euros for beer, 10 euros for long drink, bottles start at 140 euros) The door policy is less stringent than some of the Parisian clubs but the usual advice of coming accompanied (by ladies) still applies. You can avoid being turned down by buying your tickets online.

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