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NY Club

NY Club
130 Rue Rivoli, 1st
Metro, Pont Neuf, Chatelet
Contact: penelope@nyclubparis.com


There is a new kid on the block in the Paris clubbing scene: the NY Club.

It opened just last month (Jan 2009) in the old Slow Club premises, and could not be located more central in the city.

The club consists of three connected caves, two of them are more chilled out and that’s where you’ll find the bar, and the third is where you’ll find the dance-floor. In the back there is a small smoking room, probably one of the nicer ones in Paris, not that it’s very nice, but it’s better that most smoking rooms in Paris clubs. How does one make a smoking room a nice place anyhow?

There are two pianos in the club; I’ve never seen them used but I’m sure with the varied program this place has they have their purpose. The interior looks stylish and has nice lighting, but they cannot hide the fact that the ceilings are low and the club could feel a bit claustrophobic (it is in a cave, after all). The people inside are laid-back with the odd hipsters here and there. The club has a nice atmosphere and can have a real dance party feel to it, that’s when the club is at its best.

The club has a varying program that includes electronic music, concerts on the more conventional side to “soirée burlesque” on the less convectional side. See a video of one evening here.

So check out what is going on in the club, although the website has not been very much up to date so you’re better off looking up the program on their Facebook group. Information on how to get on “the list” is sometimes noted here as well.

Drink prices are the same here as in most of the other clubs in Paris, 8 euros for a beer 10 for a long drink. The door is not as hard as the nearby Chacha club or the Kong but this also depends on how hyped a certain night is. In general it’s a good option if those two are not what you are looking for.

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