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Neo Club

Neo Club
23 Rue de Ponthieu, 8th
M° F.D. Roosevelt
Tel 01 42 25 57 14


One of the hottest clubs of 2007, the Neo is a sleek but cozy underground dance club just off the Champs and near Pink, Régine’s Le Sens, and other lively nightspots along the street. SO what makes this place so great? Music that you can actually dance to, often faves from the 90s mixed in with 80s, 70s and contemporary hits. In any given night there might be disco, rock, ska and hip hop all in one night. But it works. More importantly, it’s constantly full of models, international jetset and random stars of the fashion, music and movie industries.

How to get past the Paul Bettany lookalike at the door? Helps to be dressed to kill. Whatever you do, don’t tell him I sent you!

PS This club replaced the Tanjia, and is now run by Nick Blast (of the BC) and Alexandre Bougault. Hopefully it lasts longer than its predecessor!


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  • God nervewracking – just having to try your luck on the door, going with the boyf but we will dress to impress wish us luck!

  • Hey JC, I do believe there is someone at the door by 11:30pm, do give it a try. ;)H

  • Hi Heather,I appreciate this review of Neo, its really helpful!Just one quick question: what time does it open at, on say, a friday or saturday? Is it like most clubs, which is to say around 11:30? I suffer from a very youthful looks and friends with no dress sense, so the earlier I can get there the better….J ‘hawkeye’ C

  • Hi, did hear Burkhard G.,from Bonn will stay there tomorow with Paris, herself? Do you know some about? Please let me know.Regards, Crissy

  • Hello Hethear, the information you ‘ve given me about neo was very helpful and thank you for that! But… I ‘ve visited the official site of the club and unfortunately it’s closed for christmas the 24th of december! Do you have any suggestions for other worth going clubs that will be open that day?? Thank you so much!Gj!

  • Yes, I’ve been there many times. Dress like all of the other 20-something Parisians who hang out in West Parisian clubs (err on the side of overdressed). Never have tried reserving a table in advance, but you might as well try, call or check their website for contact info. Or just get there right when they open!H

  • Hello Heather,thank you so much for your time!! Have you ever been there before? Is it that hard to get in? As I wrote we are 2 girls and a boy! How are we suposed to be dressed…?? And do you know if is it necessary to make a reservation in advance for a table, in case we decide to have one, because we want to go there in Christmas eve??? Excuse me for annoying you one more time!!!!Gj

  • Hi GJ,There is no door fee, which is why it’s so hard to get in. If you sit at a table you are usually required to order a bottle. If you’re there early enough you may be able to sit at one with your drinks from the bar, but eventually you’ll be asked to make way for those paying for bottles. Heather

  • I intend to go to neo club with by boyfriend and my sister in 24 december 2009! I would like to know if we will have to pay to get in or if we need to make any reservation! If you ask for a table is it obligatory to buy a bottle of alcohol or can just everyone in the table order his own drink! Please answer me……!!!!

  • really not that hard to get in as long as you act as if you are the sort of person they should have in the club and demand a table at the door, this should be done with the woman at the door and NOT the doormen!! i am in paris alot from London and regularly go there, once you admitted inside i would suggest going back regularly so as to ensure they consistently let you into the club.

  • the bottle is 290 € there is no point going there if you r not with ppl who know the place or a model/ with models; they won t let you in .

  • Yes, you’d probably like Neo. Also the VIP Room and Régines are very cool clubs right now. Thursday is best, Friday also not bad. Saturdays tend to be very crowded.

  • Hi Heather- a girlfriend of mine and I are going to Paris in a few weeks. We both live in NY so we are interested in hitting the best clubs there. where do you recommend? someone told me neo’s is right up our alley, and that we should not have issues getting in if we dress like how we go out in NY. and what time should we try to go if we are going on a friday or saturday? thanks!

  • Hi James, This isn’t really the kind of website for making public accusations of illegal activities or otherwise personal assessments of the staff at any establishment. If you don’t like the decor, the service, the music, or the prices, then please feel free to say so, since that will be most useful for the readers of this site. You should post your full name, and if you are not comfortable stating your email address for those who disagree to contact you, then please send it to me directly so that I can confirm you are who you say you are. Otherwise, I’m afraid I will have to continue deleting your entries.

  • [Edited again…] my comments were based on personal eye witness accounts of the scene, and it’s participants. I felt that my assessment of the club was quite insightful, yet all you kept visible was the first sentence which is as ‘impolite’ as I ever get…i’ll be more than happy to rewrite it with my full name present…but I don’t post my contact information for the public eye to see.

  • Neo is an overrated cheaply decorated whole in the wall for the rich, shallow, and low IQ’d. [The rest of this post was removed by the webmistress. Sorry, but any rude and/or libellous remarks made towards specific club owners by anonymous posters here just aren’t going to be allowed to remain. Please keep criticism constructive, or at least post your full name and email when making accusations that could be libellous.]

  • Hello, It’s not really the kind of place that needs to do that. Most clubs require you to order a bottle if you want to sit down anyway. Not sure of the prices of bottles, but I’d guess somewhere around €150. As usual, best chances are to get there early in the evening and have as many women as men in your group.

  • Hello,Just wondering if it’s easier to get in if you ask for a table? and do you by chance know how much bottle service is?

  • Sexy sexy sexy dress code…if you look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine, you’ll be fine. 😉