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Le Paris-Paris

UPDATE: This club has closed permanently

Le Paris-Paris
5 Ave de l’Opéra, 1st
M° Palais-Royal or Pyramides

I wasn’t sold on this tiny club the first time I went. The former gentleman’s bar is so cramped you have to be on “the list” to get in. Of course, I had no idea how easy it is to get on this list (visit the website, the program usually has the name of the person to texto or email). There’s never a cover, the drinks are reasonable at €10-15 (tasty cocktails!), and the live bands are often extremely good. It’s the preferred nightspot for the city’s pretty young things, but without the attitude of the Chic & Glam set. Musical entertainment ranges from indie rock and pop to cabaret, electro DJ, theme nights (80s, gay Guys & Dolls, live band karaoke, etc.). On concert nights the doors open at 10pm, on other nights closer to midnight. The best night is usually Tuesday for the Ullmann Cabarock. Get on this guy’s list, and you’ll never be left wondering what to do in Paris any given night.

Note: They never seem to open on time, so unless you want to stand outside for an hour, best to show up fashionably late (at least an hour).


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  • LOL! You obviously haven’t been to Paris-Paris then! There’s only a list to make sure you get in because it’s TINY TINY TINY! And there are no chairs to cover in velour…in fact, the place is not really decorated at all. But it’s anti-snob,anti-attitude (haven’t seen any starving models yet)…so maybe you wouldn’t like it after all. 😉

  • I wasn’t sold on this place… taking things at face-value is necessary in Paris but living by face-value is a whole different story. The "list" is complete bull-shit and it wouldn’t take much to cover a few chairs in velvet and clean the glasses to make a place another seemingly hip Parisian night club. In fact, to be hip in Paris is to stay off the beaten path and turning away those in lieu of ugly, starving, boring models who won’t spend money seems to be like a waste of space in the first place… bon, allez!