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Le Baron

Update: Le Baron Paris has permanently closed.

Le Baron
6 avenue Marceau, 8th
M° Alma-Marceau
Tel 01 47 20 03 01

Famed graffiti artist Monsieur André and his partner turned this former “old hooker’s club” into a VIP nightclub in 2004 (they’re also the ones who opened Le Paris-Paris a year later). Its sexy red velour interior — not changed since its heyday of mafia types and ladies of the night – can only hold about 150 people max, so getting in here is famously difficult. There’s no website, there’s no mercy at the door. The first time we tried to get in, it was January and the crowd outside was so large there wasn’t even a way for the people inside to get out. Things are calmer now, but still très fun! There are often excellent DJs who know how to get people dancing. Alas, no more live karaoke because of the noise (see the videos here). Great atmosphere, beautiful young Parisians in designer digs, and a smattering of stars in shades.


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  • There is no way to reserve, try showing us around 11pm before it gets crowded, and dress very trendy, and cross fingers…

  • I am currently in paris for 1 more week, i am from miami and i heard the palce to go is le baron, how do i get in, reservation spossible, or is there anything to do….??/

  • Still a great spot, still difficult to get in. No magic answer, just try getting there early-ish, around 11pm, and tell them a friend of Nicolas Ullmann recommended you visit (it may not help at all, but you never know).

  • Howdy Lauren,The list doesn’t exist! But you can try to get in on Thursday during the Urban Nights soirees (see the nightlife soirees entry). Heather

  • Dear Heather -I have some friends coming to town from London (I posted earlier re: Wini June). They are interested in THE hotspot in Paris. I wanted to take them to Le Baron. Any recommendations on how I can get us on the list? We’ll be 2 couples.Thanks again for the site!Lauren