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Bobin’O Club

20 rue de la Gaîté, 14th
M° Edgar-Quinet
Tel 43 27 24 24

 Nightclub open from 1am.


Opened in summer 2007, today’s Bobin’O is actually a contemporary reincarnation of a music hall that has existed in one form or another since 1812. You can read about the actual cabaret show here, but the most exciting thing about Bobin’O is that after the cabaret is over, the venue is transformed into a huge nightclub on two levels with a 2000-person capacity. 

So far I’ve only gone on Friday nights (I’ve heard that Saturdays aren’t as good), particularly when there’s a heavily promoted soirée such as Maison Clos — if you look close, you’ll see me dancing there…I’m the only one wearing all of my clothes! Entrance is usually free, but you have to pile up in the “pen” outside for ages before getting inside (only to line up again for the coat check in winter, €2 per article). There is one bar downstairs and one bar up in the mezzanine. If you want a table, you have to order a bottle of something (which is usually the most efficient way of getting served if you have a group).


There are usually a few cabaret dancers, men and women, who take to the dance floor first. Then, depending on whether the DJ is any good (and Richard Sanchez has been there, so the bar is high), the dance floor can be packed by 2am. Despite the location near Montparnasse, the crowd is pretty trendy m’as tu vu, but it’s a lot of fun if you go with a group of people. There’s a VIP section up on the cabaret stage, where sometimes “private” shows take place. Also a few podiums where the hired dancers get to show off (although when they’re on break the civilians tend to leap up there…but unless you’re female and wearing a miniskirt, the bouncers will come over and pull you off).

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