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French Films…that don’t suck: “Les Emotifs Anonymes”

This is a charming romantic comedy about two extremely timid people, Jean-René, the owner of a chocolate factory that’s been in his family for generations, and Angélique, a very talented but hermit-like chocolate maker. When Jean-René hires her, she thought it was to make chocolates, but she finds out it was to be a sales person, and she’s too timid to set the record straight. Especially when the seemingly cold Jean-René tells her bluntly that the company is going bankrupt. So the accidental heroine Angélique sets out to save the company. Of course the two fall in love, but they are so shy it seems they will never be able to actually start their relationship.

Les Emotifs Anonymes  (2011)
Directed by Jean-Pierre Améris


Benoît Poelvoorde (Jean-René Van Den Hugde)

Isabelle Carré (Angélique Delange)

Note: The title comes from Angélique’s support group, “Les Emotifs Anonymes” which actually exists to help highly sensitive people who have trouble dealing with their emotions. The director, Jean-Pierre Améris, admits he suffers from this himself.


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  • I loved this film! It is so well done.And your review was very good too, the film definitely does leave you wanting some chocolate! – though you mention about it being set in Paris and seeing little shops of the city etc but if you see the 'Making of Du Film Les Emotifs Anonymes' the majority of the filiming is done in Lyon.