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French Films…that don’t suck: “La Princesse de Montpensier”

Since I’ve got a Carte Illimité UGC and live across the street from a movie theatre (and a few blocks from about a dozen others), I thought I’d share some thoughts on the French films that I like…they don’t all suck!

  La Princesse de Montpensier (2010)
Directed by Bertrand Tavernier


Mélanie Thierry (Marie, La Princesse)
Lambert Wilson
(Le Comte de Chanbannes)
Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet
(Le Prince de Montpensier)
Gaspard Ulliel
(Henri de Guise)
Raphaël Personnaz
(Le Duc d’Anjou)


Note: This film is 139 minutes long…make sure you buy the extra-large bag of candy!


** Breaking News ** This film has just received seven nominations for the Césars (the French Film Awards).



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  • Thanks Dave, I really wanted to see that one, too! So hard to find the time to see all of the films I want to see, even with the unlimited film card and being across the street from the cinema (now, if they had midnight films…maybe I need to wake up earlier and stop working until 1am every night!)

  • Great review, Heather! Great format, too.There are a lot of French films that don't suck, but the one that springs immediately to mind is Tell No One (Ne le dis a personne). I know it's not in the theater currently, but if you haven't seen it check it out. Edge of your seat type stuff.Keep up the great work.

  • Thank you, Heather ! I can recommend you the biography by Jean-François Solnon (in French, then) that served as the basis of Tavernier's conception of Henri. He had his actors read this book to get to know more. I'd dare to say that I don't always agree with everything, but he has removed all the a priori and unfounded rumours from Henri's image.I also checked Wikipedia and it's not bad. Yes, have a look on Henri III if you wish, he is a very fascinating person and not only as a King. 🙂

  • Hi Heather,Thank you for the movie review. I really enjoy your varied and interesting posts ( can't thank you enough for the mattress post). I had been a reader of your blog for many years before moving to Paris. You have an excellent French accent. I would enjoy reading about how you came to learn and speak French so well. It is no easy task. PS I love your new hair style. Can I ask who styles it for you in Paris?

  • Hello ! I'm French and thank you for reviewing this French movie. I agree a lot about Raphaël Personnaz who is simply amazing as le Duc d'Anjou ! The most exciting role and actor !A lil word about the real Henri III since I've read a lot about him and from him : actually, do trust the image Tavernier gives of him in the movie. Henri wasn't homosexual at all and this rumour comes mainly from the protestant and ultra-catholic propagandas during his reign and also from various pseudo historians and poets from the next centuries. Actually, Henri loved women and especially he was surely one of the very rare kings of France's History in real love with his wife, Louise de Lorraine whom he chose not for political reasons, but for her beauty and qualities. Henri is also famous for his mistresses before his marriage.Yes, he wore a earring, but that was fashion at that time and he wans't the only one. But the make-up he has in the movie is not accurate, but well, Raphaël is so charming and the role so close to what Henri was that we can forget that point. 🙂