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French Films…that don’t suck: “La Chance de Ma Vie”

One of my favorite films of the year was Arnacoeur (I like almost any film with Roman Duris in it). Are the French finally getting better at romantic comedies?

The latest success is La Chance de Ma Vie, a light-hearted film starring Virginie Efira as Joanna, a sweet graphic designer, and François-Xavier Demaison as Julien, a couples therapist who happens to be a “porte poisse” who brings bad luck to every woman he’s ever dated since childhood. When he meets Joanna, he falls for her instantly, but tried to stay away. And when she eventually chases him down, he tries everything he can to keep her safe from harm…unfortunately you can’t escape fate!The supporting cast are the best part of this film (and the French observations that the “untraditional methods” Julien uses in his couples therapy “must be American”).

La Chance de Ma Vie (2011)
Directed by Nicolas Cuche

Virginie Efira
as Joanna
François-Xavier Demaison
as Julien
Armelle Deutsch
as Sophie (Joanna’s co-worker/friend)
Raphaël Personnaz
as Martin (heir to the Dupont Company)
Thomas Ngijol
as Thomas (nurse and Julien’s friend; the link takes you to a TV show where he debates Sarkozy with humor)
Elie Semoun
as Philippe (Joanna’s boss; link takes you to his Fanta ad)

Watch the trailer here.


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  • I LOVED ARNACOEUR and now it's streaming on Netflix…I'll have to catch this one tooBRAVO ahd a la votre on yr naturalization ceremony!!!I'm toasting you right now with my chocolat chaud (it's only 8 AM here)Very thrilled for youxxCarolg

  • Hi Heaher ! Thanks for your review ! I haven't seen this movie yet although I'm such a big admirer of Raphaël, so maybe I'll watch it very soon. Happy day ! Anne.