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Lockdown in Paris: Day 3

Dr House Street Art by Invader

Last night President Macron announced new measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus by ordering everyone to stay in their homes for 15 days (minimum). This morning the government described how this would be enforced on the Minister of the Interior’s website (en français).

Attestation for Going Outside

Starting today at noon, to go outside you need to print and fill out and sign an attestation stating where you live and checking one of the boxes of the allowed reasons to leave home: going directly to work, food shopping at approved shops, seeing children or elderly family members in need, or quick trips outside to jog or walk dog (but not in groups). You should carry this and your ID at all times. If you have no way of printing it out, you can write it down yourself on blank paper with the same information handwritten out. 

I have a home printer, so I made a few extras for my neighbors:

Anyone who goes outside without this form can be fined €38-€135. Find more official Coronavirus information at Gouvernement.fr (sorry, en français). 

If you’re a visitor or foreign national wondering what the hell is going on and how you’re going to get home, you should contact your local embassy or consulate office. For United States citizens check this link.

More Lockdown Images on Instagram

I went for a run in the afternoon, and made a little video of the two “friends” I made on my Instagram account. 

Stay safe, stay healthy. – Heather

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