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Lockdown in Paris: Day 7

It’s been a full week since the beginning of the lockdown, and adjustments are still being made in the rules and how the rules are enforced. The only trouble I’ve been getting into this week is in my kitchen…

Haute Surveillance

French police and gendarmes are using drones – I’m not making this up – to patrol areas closed to the public. They even blast out a pre-recorded message: « Restez chez vous, l’accès à cette zone est interdit » (Stay home, access to this area is forbidden). We really are living in a sci-fi film now.

Will the Lockdown End on Day 15?

The health minister Olivier Véran announced today that widespread testing for the Coronavirus needs to be ready before the lockdown is relaxed. We’ll be told on Monday by the government’s scientific counsel if the lockdown will be extended beyond the current March 31st date, and for how long (all signs are pointing to an extension).

Heather's messy kitchen
Cooking up a storm…

A Few Cooking Fails

It has definitely cooled off in Paris, so I’m putting my runs on hold and exercising at home until I need to go back out for food. I’ve been trying some new recipes. My peanut butter cookies somehow came out both burnt and mushy (I couldn’t find the crunchy peanut butter, so I used smooth…bad idea…I still ate them), and my chipotle black bean chili came out a bit (okay, a LOT) hotter than planned because I chopped up the chipotles before adding them to the pot instead of leaving them whole and taking them out at the end (eating it with rice helped….and a few peanut butter cookies!) I’ve got a bunch of shiitake mushrooms to cook up tonight, can’t wait to see how I’m going to ruin…er…COOK them. 😀

Stay healthy, eat well! – Heather

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