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Lockdown in Paris: Day 29 – Easter 2020

tulips behind bars

Instead of running, this morning I went for a one-hour walk at 9am, participating in the Abbey Bookshop’s “Social Distancing Hike” on Zoom where participants shared our neighborhood “hike” with each other via smartphone. I had another police check for my attestation in the middle of our Zoom, much to the amusement of the others (I didn’t realize they could hear). It was quite busy at the food shops and bakeries, which were open until about 1pm.

I didn’t go into any shops since I’d already stocked up enough this week, but on the way home I noticed the main doors to the big church on my square were open. I couldn’t tell if they were really holding a public Easter Mass or simply sharing the music with the neighborhood, because they’re not supposed to be open at all. In fact, a priest at the infamous reactionary Catholic church in the 5th arrondissement, St-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet, was fined by police last night just after midnight for holding a clandestine mass with about 40 parishioners (the neighbors could hear the organ music playing).

Back home for the day, I made flourless chocolate ganache cupcakes (it was supposed to be a cake, but I didn’t have a springform pan, so I improvised) and finished the last few episodes of Blacklist (enjoying a good laugh whenever “Paris” was the setting for an episode, since aside from a few generic B-roll shots, was clearly filmed in New York City or possibly Toronto).

hey look like a mess, but they taste awesome. Thanks, dudes!

Aside from that, a pretty uneventful Day 29 of my confinement to the little Place Jeanne d’Arc here in the 13th arrondissement. Enjoy this hilarious song, “Covidian Rhapsody”, by the Paris-based British author and musician Stephen Clarke.  

And some photos of healthcare-worker-inspired Easter chocolates from pastry chefs around France.

“Infirmières” (Nurses) by chocolate maker Nicolas Barbet
“Super Hospitalier” (Super Hospital Worker) by the chocolate makers Au Petit Prince
“Lapin Masqué” (Masked Rabbit) by pastry maker Benoit Herbaut

Treat yourself to some chocolate today, and stay safe! – Heather

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