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Lockdown in Paris: Day 26

Bal des Ardents fresco

The coronavirus pandemic has now caused 12,210 deaths in France. On the conservatively optimistic front, the daily death toll in French hospitals decreased for the second consecutive day to 424 deaths, down from 562. “We are gradually curbing the epidemic,” said Jerome Salomon (French Health Minister). However, “if we can hope for a plateau (in the pandemic) it is a very high plateau and we must remain extremely careful to redouble our collective and united efforts,” in particular by continuing the confinement. 

Today’s Booty

Starting a bit earlier today after last night’s thwarted shopping trip, I found gel hand sanitizer (at the cash register, only one per client), trash bags, chocolate hazelnut dairy-free ice cream (not Ben & Jerry’s but I’ll live), wine (because Thursday night is “apéro” night with friends online), and some extra bananas to tide me over for the weekend. I wore too much clothing and got HOT walking around my neighborhood. The line in front of Monoprix was the longest I’ve see yet, so I skipped that and stuck to the smaller ones with no lines. You can see what a small Parisian supermarket looks like in the little Instagram video I filmed while searching for the ice cream. Today’s posts were of flowers and the line 6 elevated metro line chugging along.

Vendredi Saint et Pâques

The Archbishop of Paris will celebrate Good Friday Mass with the “Crown of Thorns” (yes, the one saved from last April’s fire) at Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, broadcast live from BFM TV starting 11:30am Paris time (CET or EST+6). You can watch online or from your smartphone with the Molotov app. Only seven people will attend the celebration in a secured section of the cathedral. Easter Mass will be performed Sunday in a closed ceremony at Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois Church. 

Notre Dame Cathedral

Technical Difficulties!

I tried to do a FB Live Q&A with fellow travel writer Bryan Pirolli today, but apparently FB has removed the function to allow us to be on-screen together from afar (he’s in NYC), so we moved onto a private Zoom chat and continued there. Afterwards I cracked open my wine and joined an apéro with some other Parisian ladies on Go To Meeting. I feel like those who have mastered social media tech (especially anything “live”) will win the lockdown. It was a long, long day at work. I think it’s a lot harder to weather work stress when there’s constant coronavirus stress. I don’t know about all of you, but I’m very much looking forward to the weekend. It’s going to be 27°C/80°F! 

Stay healthy, stay inside! – Heather

Close-up from Bal des Ardents
Close-up from Bal des Ardents fresco by La RoyaL (www.la-royal.com)

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