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Lockdown in Paris: Day 24

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Day 24 in Paris during the coronavirus lockdown, the last lunch run for everyone (and that’s probably a good thing, I swallowed at least one bug today…spring has sprung!)

Au Revoir, Lunchtime Run!

The big news this Tuesday morning is that Parisians are now no longer to go outside for “exercise” from 10am-7pm in order to lessen the number of people on the sidewalks during the busiest time of day. So you can go running anytime between 7pm and 10am, a sufficiently large enough window to stay active and keep off those “confinement kilos”!

Speaking of Kilos

With many Parisians still in the countryside, and zero business travelers and tourists, some Parisian bakeries are reporting a surplus of unsold baguettes and pastries at the end of each day. My local is even offering a deal: 5 viennoiseries for €5. Time to do your patriotic duty and eat more pains au chocolat and croissants. And if that’s not enough, chocolate shops that should be selling out their chocolate eggs, fish, chicks, lapins and church bells for Easter are finding few clients, if they’re open at all. The famous chocolatier Patrick Roger is offering delivery — within Paris only – for free if you order at least €60 of chocolate. If you’re worried about your waistline, maybe stick to the 75% dark chocolate tablets (the 88% is sold out)!


Mask Confusion

After telling everyone that only the sick and healthcare workers needed masks, now come French cities are requiring everyone who goes outside to wear one. The big difference is that they’re still reserving the filtering masks and surgical masks for healthcare workers, and encouraging the rest of us to make homemade masks to act as a simple barrier to the coronavirus. They are NOT required in Paris, but Mayor Anne Hildalgo has announced they will be distributing two million re-usable face masks made of fabric to Parisians for free in the coming days (they’re being made by local businesses). “In order to avoid any risk of contamination, it is necessary to be extremely vigilant and to respect barrier gestures. Start by washing your hands before and after handling the mask. The front face of the mask should never be touched. To handle it, it is recommended to touch only the elastics that allow it to be held. If you scratch your nose under your mask, you can change it. Wearing it on the forehead or under the chin while calling or smoking a cigarette also makes it useless.” The masks must be washed after each use in 60°C for 30 minutes then dried, preferably in dryer or even oven on low temp (one doctor on BFM TV recommended ironing them to ensure they’re dry and all germs are killed).

For Dental Emergencies during Lockdown

Dentist offices are mostly closed in France since the lockdown, but a central number is available for emergencies to direct you to dentists in your area. Call 09 705 00 205 to be put in touch with the dentist closest to you for an initial phone consultation. If they deem it to be a valid emergency they will direct you to a specific dentist who can see you within the week.  

Disney+ Just Arrived in France

It came a few days behind the rest of Europe, but Disney+ is now available in France for €6.99/month (and you can cancel anytime) or €69.99/year. One account can be used on four devices simultaneously, so now everyone in your home doesn’t have to agree on what to watch. 😉  

Sad Stats and Summer Cancellations

Today France passed the 10,000 mark of deaths due to the coronavirus, 7091 in hospitals and 3237 in nursing homes. There is no proposed end in sight to the lockdown in France, so officials are recommending that people not make summer plans just yet. I was supposed to meet up with two childhood friends in Italy this June for a half-marathon in Chianti, which – after remaining unflappably optimistic for the past six weeks – just announced they would have to postpone the race until June 2021. It’s hard to know if we should cancel our entire vacation, flights and hotels, since June seems so very far away and we have been looking forward to this reunion for a long time. I know from your emails that many of you have the same dilemma, wondering if you should reschedule, cancel or wait it out and see if your Paris holidays will still be possible this summer, or even this fall. We’re all in the same bateau, for sure!

Stay optimistic, but stay inside! – Heather

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