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Lockdown in Paris: Day 23


Despite a lot of consternation at the unruly Parisians strolling around in the sunshine over the weekend, the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner announced this morning that “the French are among the best in the world at respecting the confinement orders.” Who would have thought?!

Attestation via Smartphone

Here’s the link for the new digital attestation, which you open in your smartphone and fill out just before you leave home.  You can still print out or handwrite attestations if you prefer. There are different versions available now here (scroll all the way down) including English versions! You don’t need to worry the government is collecting your information (which has been confirmed by several watchdog groups who say there is no data transmission or user tracking). The QR code only shows what is filled out on the attestation, but doesn’t verify the identity of people by cross-checking with government documents, nor does it even check whether you’re within the 1km of your home address (which the police would have preferred).

WARNING: There are already many fraud sites and fake SMS texts supposedly from the government collecting your personal info and even charging you a fee, so ONLY use the official link on the Minister of the Interior website above.  

New “Confinement” TV Channel 

#ALaMaison is a new French TV channel, free of charge and without advertising, that started broadcasting today and throughout the confinement period on all French telecom operators. In a never-seen-before partnership of the major telecom providers and organized by the audiovisual group Mediawan, it broadcasts educational and family programs to support healthcare workers. The content, feature films and documentaries will come from France Télévisions, Pathé Films, The Jérôme Seydoux Pathé Foundation, Gaumont, M6, TF1, UGC Images, etc. This channel will be ad-free,  but all the participating companies have agreed to make a donation to the Paris Hospitals and Hospitals of France Foundation, the Tous Unis Contre le Virus Alliance, the Fondation de France, the APHP, and the Pasteur Institute. 


Where to watch: find it on Orange channel 31, on Free channel 47, on SFR channel 239, at Bouygues Telecom on channel 233, on Canal + at MyCanal at no additional cost, and online through the Molotov app.

Time to Dance!

This amazing “confinement + connected = Confinected” video from the Parisian dance company EMKA (choreography by Mehdi Kerkouche) deserves to go viral for its creativity and…well, who doesn’t love Barry White? 😉

Yo Dudes! My Cooking Buddies

My plant-based cooking experiments are sometimes thwarted by a lack of special “vegan” ingredients that are hard to find in regular supermarkets, or just because I’m too lazy to start some fancy 22-ingredient recipe that requires a food processor. That why I love the twin chefs at The Happy Pear and their free videos showing you how to cook tasty, easy, cheap vegan meals using “normal” ingredients. And they’re so enthusiastic, it’s fun just to watch even if you’re just reheating leftovers in the microwave. Again. Ahem. Here’s one I made last night (substituting fusilli for spaghetti): Easy Vegan Bolognese  

pasta bolognese

Keep smiling, stay healthy! – Heather

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