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Lockdown in Paris: Day 22

Paris street art

After a long three weeks in confinement, we all need a bit of levity. Today’s post is a “Sans Bad News Zone“.

Resist, Citizens!

Three weeks into the coronavirus lockdown, Parisian firefighters, hospital workers, and local authorities are pleading with the public to “Ne cédez pas à la tentation” (“Don’t give in to temptation”) as beautiful spring weather is drawing more and more people outside. “The French must understand that if we are winning the game on this epidemic, it is because they stay confined,” said Patrick Pelloux, president of the French Association of Emergency Hospital Doctors on Franceinfo. The sacrifices that so many have already made are worth nothing if we let down our guard now. On Day 18 we had 4032 deaths in France due to the virus. While there is hope that we are turning a corner, today we’re up to 7560 deaths, with 6800 more on life support in hospitals around the country. The Paris fire brigade goes out on more than 400 calls per day and have announced that they’ve called on the military to help replace the 30 firefighters who have tested positive for Covid-19. If you absolutely have to go out for food or exercise, do it alone, keep your distance, wash your hands, and resist the urge to “hang out” on a park bench.

Crosswalk the Musical in Paris – Les Misérables

Only James Corden can make us laugh out loud at Les Misérables. And for those of you in Paris right now, maybe you’ll even be a teeny bit nostalgic for the traffic. 😉 Enjoy! 

Videos of Daily Life in Paris in 1928

Le Figarohas released four short videos of footage from daily life in Paris in 1928, during “Les Années Folles”, just a year before the Great Depression, filmed by André Sauvage. For those of you who think Paris is dirty today, just check out the SMOG in these images and you’ll realize we’ve come a long way! Interesting fact: did you know that Paris had 3 million residents in 1928, but only 2.2 million today? Read the full article (in French) with the clips here, or watch each video on its own by clicking on these links:

  1. How Parisians Get Around Town (a crazy mix of cars, horse carriages, busses and pedestrians)
  2. Paris from Above (the city as seen from balconies and rooftops)
  3. What Parisians Wore in 1928 (spoiler alert: lots of hats!)
  4. Paris and its Children (little kids playing in Paris)

Monet’s Gardens at Giverny

For those of you dreaming of Monet’s gardens in Giverny, which would have been opened for the season this weekend, enjoy the video clips of this gorgeous secluded paradise, starting with “The Arrival of Tulips”.

Stay inside, stay optimistic! – Heather

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