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Lockdown in Paris: Day 12

pot pie ingredients

The fatigue of listening to Coronavirus news each day is starting to weigh heavily, so I’m escaping a lot into the kitchen. Yesterday I made a mushroom pot pie for all my extra veggies and today I made a chocolate banana bread to use up all of the bananas I got on the last day the open-air market was open (I don’t have anymore room in my freezer). I’ve been cooking faster than I’ve been consuming, so I don’t need to go out for at least another week!

Points for Effort?

The Parisians, like many around Europe, are still applauding from their windows each night at 8pm in support of healthcare worker (so far over 600 of them have become infected themselves, along with 250 police officers). I’m working on my ukulele repertoire to play a little tribute song each night (much to my neighbors’ distress, I’m sure), here’s the latest: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-NUtn4IygF/

Any Astérix Fans Out There?

Albert Uderzo, the 92-year-old co-creator of the famous Asterix & Obélisk comic (with René Goscinny) has passed away due to natural causes. You can watch two of the animation classics Astérix and Cleopatre (1968) and Les Douze Travaux d’Astérix (1976) on the VOD cable channel M6 and Netflix (at least in France).

Is There a French Phrase for “B***S*** Bingo”?

The French Prime Minister’s “Commission d’Enrichissement” (Enrichment Committee) has been busy during the lockdown, announcing the latest words to enter the French lexicon. Almost every single one is the Frenchification of a new tech-related English word, such as “scroller”, ”liker”, “swiper,” “ and “forwarder”. This year, for “podcast” they propose the awkward “programme audio” and “audio à la demande”; for “community manager” they recommend “gestionnaire de communauté”; “fake news” is now “infox” in French”think tank” is “laboratoire d’idées”, and “spoiler” is “divulgâcheur”. Got that? 😉 If you’re ever curious about the official French word or phrase for the latest English words, you can look them up on the official website, France Terme.

Stay healthy, wash your groceries! – Heather

pot pie slice
A slice of my delicious mushroom pot pie. 🙂

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