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More Paris Street Art

Just when it seems like the street art in Paris gets old and familiar, new artists come onto the scene or I take a different route and discover hidden artworks. These are photos taken during my morning runs (mostly in the 13th arrondissement) and on my walking tours of Paris. I take them with Instagram and share them on Twitter

A large mural by the OnOff Crew at Docks-en-Seine (13th). This collaborative street art group is decoration the walls of the newly-renovated Bercy Stadium (formerly known as POPB). 

A mural on Rue Tolbiac (13th) dedicated to the artist Nikki de St-Phalle by Kashink1, for the 2015 Women’s Forum in Paris.

This skull was next to Kashink1’s mural, but not sure if it’s also her work or another artist’s. 

An Ingres portrait in street art/poster on the Rue St-Honoré (1st) as part of artist Julien de Casabianca’s Outings project, bringing museum artworks to the streets around the world. 

This cute little train mural appeared last week in the Square René Le Gall (13th), on the wall of a small building being renovated across from the play area. It was done by Jo Ber, the official Lézarts de la Bièvre invited street artist for 2015.

The Space Invader needs no introduction…this discreet little guy on the turret of the Hôtel de Lamoignon (History of Paris Library, 4th) is easy to miss. 

Street artist Alice Pasquini’s pretty painting on one of the electrical boxes of the 13th (near Place Jeanne d’Arc). 

A mural on the wall across from the metro station Bibliothèque (13th) by the street artist YZ, who participated in the Sur les Murs exposition (which ended today).

“You are Here” by the artist K-Bal, on the Rue St-André-des-Arts (6th).