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Paris Rooftops in the Rain

A mini-film of the rain outside my window. The sky is bizarrely clear blue with puffy white clouds (the rain clouds are directly above). My camera washed it out, but you can see the blue and white reflected on the zinc roof.


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  • One day while I was living in Paris, it was pouring down rain but we wanted a crepe at the eiffel tower after attending a symphony in the champs elysee. So we ran out of the crowded metro filled with tourists waiting for the rain to stop and went to the vendor with the best nutella and ordered crepes under our umbrellas. We were so lucky, just around the corner at Trocodero was the Eiffel Tower gleaming under a rainbow. Imagine that! We could have been standing in the dry, dark black of the metro – or under a rainbow.It doesn't get better than that!I love your view! Enjoy the rain for me! nothing is like hot choclate or nutella crepe on a rainy day in Paris.