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Britney Spears launches Circus in France

I like some of Britney Spears‘ music, but I don’t follow her career too closely. So I was probably the last person to know she was making a come-back. But yesterday her face was everywhere in Parisian news since her new album, Circus, launched in France yesterday, days before its official Dec 2nd North American launch.

Why France? I haven’t figured that one out yet. There are often big movies that come out here first, too, but I always chalked that up to the Wednesday premier of movies in France vs. the Friday premiers in the US. 

Anyhoo, Britney performed “Womanizer” last night on France’s top reality-TV show, Star Academy, and didn’t look bad at all:

My one question for all of you Britney-watchers out there: How did she grow her hair so long in less than two years after completely shaving it off?


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  • Extensions. And oddly, because you would think she would have the resources, really ragged extensions at times. I did watch the Britney Documentary the other night whilst working late, so if you have any other Britney-related questions, I am sure I could answer them for you.