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A Video of Paris in the Snow


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  • I am glad I found your site, what a great updated resource for visiting Paris. My wife and I wanted to go for a few days in the new year but it is painful to find good advice online. By painful I mean we were looking for a vacation apartment and after reading your post on scams I understand a lot better some of the answers I received. Although we live in France, Paris is like an another planet to us!THanks for providing this resource.John

  • Fantastique!!! I'm coming to Paris on monday with a friend and staying for five days. One problem! Where shall we stay… Yes I know no hotel booked yet! Can you help us out? A hotel thats close to Champs Elysées and maybe a view over Le tour eiffel 😉 Not to expensive. But we can spend a lot on the food and drinks 😉 And of course the shopping!! The first time in Paris and ve love it already!Thank you!

  • Since my computer and YouTube seem to be at war with each other, I haven't yet seen the video of Paris in the snow (ditto for the Beaujolais Nouveau video), but I love the accompanying photo. Ah, Paris in the snow. Bring on the cassoulet and pot au feu (and some Armagnac for afterwards).

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