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Book Review: A Town Like Paris

A%20Town%20Like%20Paris.jpgLast month I went to the launch of Bryce Corbett’s book, "A Town like Paris: Living and Loving in the City of Light".

The book is a memoir about how Bryce came to Paris as a 28-year-old Australian and had a grand ol’ time (like you do at that age when you’re single and in Paris), except when it came to French women. He finally meets and marries the woman of his dreams, a Lido dancer who happens to be….Australian! (That’s them on the cover, which looks different from the cover I’ve seen on the publisher’s site, strangely).

The launch party, at WH Smith, had the tallest crowd I’ve ever seen in one place in this town (all Lido dancers and Australians, no doubt). The book is hilarious, full of adventures that Bryce and his friends experienced over the years, both fun and….not so fun — Paris isn’t always an easy place to live! Highly recommended, check it out.

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