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Free Nocturnal Entrance to the Louvre Every 1st Saturday

Nocturne du Louvre poster

The Louvre Museum is already open evenings until 9:45pm every Wednesday and Friday, but now it’s also open every first Saturday of the month FOR FREE from 6pm-9:45pm. 

Meant to entice the locals to visit the museum again (or for the first time), the main two wings Denon and Sully are open to freely visit on your own, while the Richelieu wing is open for guided visits only (in French), which can be reserved on the Louvre’s FB page a week before the first Saturday. These extra activities include live music, flashlight tours, storytelling, and games. 

Tip: As the Louvre Museum broke every possible record for attendance in 2018 (over 10 million visitors!), save yourself a headache by purchasing your ticket in advance or using the “Affluences” app to see in real-time how long the lines are at the three main entrances. There will always be lines for security, even when there’s free entrance, but in general Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7pm-9pm are usually the least crowded.


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  • Hi Jennifer,Free entry is usually just as crowded, but at night there are not as many school groups and kids in general, so it might seem less crazy (but if it's your first visit you don't have much to compare it to). You can go right at 9am and buy your ticket online in advance to avoid lines (only get it on the official Louvre site, nowhere else (https://www.ticketlouvre.fr). It's open on the first Saturday from 9am until 9:45pm, with the evacuation starting at 9:30pm. Have a great day in Paris!

  • Bonjour everybody!I am going to be in Paris the beginning of October and just found out the Louvre has free admission the first Saturday of each month in the evening. I'm curious as to whether it is more crowded than usual then because it is free. Just trying to plan accordingly and wondering if I should just go to the museum in the morning to avoid disappointment. I only have the one full day in Paris. Also wondering if the museum stays open right from 9 am to 9:45 pm.Merci beaucoup,Jennifer from Canada