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Three Places to Buy Antique Silver

Flea market silver

There are many places selling silver in paris, but here are three I’ve checked out that seem to have good deals and quality products.

– In Paris, I like the Argenterie d’Antan (6 rue Birague, 4th, right below Place des Vosges), which has a fairy polished selection of silver in all price ranges and all brands like Christofle, Boulenger, Puiforcat, etc, including buckets of silverware from €4/piece.

– In the Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen I recommend Laure & Edouard Saïmovitch’s shop (Marché Biron Stand 29) for very polished and even re-plated silver napkin rings, silverware, tureens, platters, etc. The prices here are very good for the quality.

– Next door in the Marché Vernaison go to La Puce d’Argent (Allée 1, stand 34) if you want to rummage around in trays of unpolished silverware (the fancier pieces are inside). For both of these stands don’t hesitate to bargain.

I also recommend that you educate yourself in advance on what can be “saved” and what can’t so you don’t en up buying a “bargain” that no amount of polishing will bring back from the dead.

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