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Rain Boots Hand Made in France

Louvre rain

We’ve had a rainy fall in Paris. In fact, we’ve had a rainy year. And for those of us who spend a lot of time walking around outside for hours at a time, a good pair of waterproof shoes is essential, and nothing is better than a cute pair of rubber boots, or ‘wellies’, as the Brits call them (aka Wellington boots).


But you can’t just wear any old pair of rubber boots. If you want a high-quality pair of boots that are both comfortable enough for cobblestone streets and fashionable enough to blend in with the Parisians, check out Aigle, a French bottier since 1853.

rain boot

The price depends on the model of the boots, ranging from €29 to €250. For example, the Miss Juliette ankle boots in the photo above are €125; the solid colors are €95). There are often discounts online for patterns from last season, but I would recommend trying some on in a store to get a good feel before buying online.


You can find them in department stores and online, but there are also dedicated Aigle boutiques throughout France, including seven in Paris (Marais, St-Germain-des-Prés, Opéra, Beaugrenelle, St-Lazare, Italie 2 and Ternes). The selection for men, women and children is huge, with different heel heights, colors, patterns, high boots or ankle boots, fur-lined, or padded, city boots or country boots, light-weight or winter boots, and evn rubber clogs for gardening. There are also special limited edition patterns from partners (like Liberty, Petit Bateau, or Nature et Découvertes). The hardest thing is to choose just one! 

If that still seems pricey for a pair of rubber boots, keep in mind these are still HAND MADE in France by master rubber craftsmen (or craftswomen?) since 1853. As someone who has worn cheap rubber boots that are uncomfortable, ugly or wear out quickly, I can tell you there is no comparison. Aigle also sells regular workboots and a line of outdoor and casual clothing. 


139 Blvd St-Germain 75006 
M° Mabillon or St Germain-des-Prés 

And let’s admit it: jumping into puddles is just a lot of fun, no matter how old you are! 

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