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France Deconfinement “Phase 2” Announcements

Prime Minister announcement

On Tuesday June 2nd France will be taking another step towards freedom from the Coronavirus confinement measures that have been in place since March. 

Today Prime Minister Edouard Philippe (sporting a progressively whiter asymmetrical stripe on his beard) laid out the plans for “Phase 2” of deconfinement, starting with the announcement that all of metropolitan France is now in the “Green Zone” except for the Ile-de-France (including Paris), which is still “orange”.

That means some things are going to change for all of France on June 2nd, and some things won’t change in the orange zones until June 22nd (aka “Phase 3”). Some of the rules are still in place nationwide until further notice.

Confused yet? Here’s the Lowdown

What’s Changing Starting Saturday May 30th:

  • All parks and gardens open to the public

What’s Changing Starting Tuesday June 2nd:

  • No limits at all for travel within France
  • All beaches, rivers and waterways are open
  • All museums and monuments can open (NOTE: it doesn’t mean they WILL open on the 2nd)
  • All shops open, including large shopping malls and department stores
  • Outdoor terraces of bars, cafés and restaurants can open
  • The French are asked to start using the StopCovid app developed by the French government to signal whether you’ve been exposed to someone who is a confirmed Covid-19 case (they do not track personal details, so they don’t tell you *who* tested positive, just that your phone was near their phone if you both have the app). Note: the “Stop Covid” apps currently on the market are NOT the official French one, which isn’t available yet.

What Changes for Everyone June 2nd EXCEPT for Paris/Ile-de-France (not until June 22nd):

  • Public pools and gymnasiums can open
  • Theatres can open
  • Amusement parks can open
  • Cafés, restaurants and bars can open (with rules on masks, space between tables, and no standing at the bar)
  • All schools can reopen

International Travel Starting June 15th:

  • No travelers outside of France can travel into the country before June 15th (unless you’re French returning home)
  • Whether you can travel to other EU countries depends on when they open their borders – Italy is opening June 3rd
  • For the moment no travelers from outside the EU are allowed into France until further notice

Banned Nationwide until June 22nd:

  • Nightclubs
  • Casinos
  • Stadiums
  • Cinemas
  • Contact sports

Many Safety Measures Remain in Place:

  • No gatherings of more than 10 people anywhere
  • Safety measures such as masks, distance between people, and hand sanitizing still important for all activities around other people “Physical distancing rules have to be respected”
  • Masks may be required to access many places for the foreseeable future, so always carry one with you if you’re not already wearing it
  • Telecommuting to work is still encouraged

The Takeaway

The Prime Minister congratulated the French for generally behaving and following the Phase 1 deconfinement rules that came into effect May 11th. Since there hasn’t been a relapse, the French — but not the Franciliens — will be able to breathe a lot more freely starting Tuesday. Here in Paris you can bet the café terraces will be inundated by all of the locals…at least those who haven’t immediately left town for the beaches! 

Bar in Paris
A Parisian bar prepares its outdoor terrace to open on June 2nd. 

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