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Eurostar’s Secret Discount Train Tickets


Well it’s not exactly a secret, but you’ll never see an advertisement for Eurostar Snap, the special site managed by Eurostar that sells heavily-discounted, last-minute train tickets between London and Paris (and Lille and Brussels) as low as €29 each way.

There are a few constraints:

  • Purchase tickets between 7 and 21 days before you travel
  • You can choose your dates and “morning” or “afternoon”, and you’ll be informed two days before travel the exact time
  • Round trips aren’t allowed in the same day
  • These tickets can’t be refunded, modified or transferred to another person

On the plus side the tickets are usually just £25/€29 one-way between Paris and London. Some holiday travel tickets are as high as £85, but that’s still lower than the prices listed on the official Eurostar site. So now there’s no excuse for a quick skip across the pond for Afternoon Tea!

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