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Free Public Toilets

You used to need some spare change to get into these little automated cabines, but the Mayor of Paris is one cool dude, and he thought it was stupid to make people pay when they had to pee, so now all public toilets are free (gratuit)! So now there’s no excuse to be caught in public watering the trees (or, more often than not, the corner of a building in full sight of passers-by). Yes, I’m talking to you guys!

public toilet

These little pubic toilets work pretty easy. Just push the button to open the door. There’s a place to wash your hands behind the toilet (like in an airplane), and when you’re done the door closes behind you and you’ll hear the whole things washing itself out like a dishwasher. If there’s someone in it, it says “occupé” on the door (“libre” is available), and if it’s broken it will say “hors service“.

“Thumbs up!” from my tour guidee from Alabama (yes, I take my clients to all of the posh places in town, LOL). Note the rolled-up trouser legs (just in case of a wet floor from the last cleaning).  


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  • One downside of these toilets is if you are female or a male who needs to more than just pee, you have to sit directly on the bowl as there is no seat.

  • J’adore Bertrand Delanoë!He truly has the people of his city in his heart, not just the tourists. The skating rink at the Hôtel de Ville during the winter; the Plages de Paris during the summer…and now les toilettes gratuites!He’s my kind of mayor! my kind of Socialist!